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Not fond of this. I don't really like the relationship and Johns mentioned it would be ending in Trinity War. If this was just in the vein of Batman/Superman I would be fine with it. If its just to further push the romantic relationship then I have no interest of whatsoever.

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There is no excuse for Thors vs. Gorr not making it. Deadshot vs. Unknown Soldier was nice, but nowhere near the same level.

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I'm fine with Under the Red Hood winning. It was easily a top three for me. That said, Superman vs. Elite should have done much better.

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Why is Ystin blond?

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It won't be someone who didn't exist in the old Earth-2 or has no connection to the Justice Society. I wouldn't be surprised if its a flat out new character.

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Can't say I bought into any of the arguments this article made.

The title and character was never intended to be a a strong part of the Bat/Gotham mythos aside from the Batman Inc. connection which is the same for many members of the group. The sales are far too low to make a comeback from a directional change. I find nothing interesting in the Luke Fox character. Also your completely wrong about David as far how he felt about the Bat symbol and the ideas that came with it. It only changed conveniently for this last story arc to set up his departure.

The series should have just been cancelled. The only reason why its still around is likely because they literally have nothing to replace it with at the moment. Its the same for several series. They don't have enough in development behind the scenes to replace them yet.

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I don't understand this at all. If you change the suit, the person in the suit, and make it that they'll be operating in a different area, why bother calling them Batwing? If it's not selling well enough for you to decide to replace the character, why not just cancel it?

I would have preferred cancellation tbh. The book isn't going to magically turn around from its current numbers, and what they are doing now completely kills the uniqueness and point of the entire series. Its why I'm dropping it with this issue. I think Palmiotti and Gray will do fine writing wise, but I have no interest in a new Batwing or non-Africa based Batwing

Anyways I thought this issue itself was ok. It felt a bit rushed to be honest, trying to tie everything up as neat as possible before introducing the new character.

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Batista is the perfect choice looks wise and I think his voice fits the character better than Momoa. Just not sure of his actual acting yet. He did fine with Man in the Iron Fists, but he really didn't have much of a speaking part there.

I like Momoa, but I didn't want him for this part to be honest. He really only has experience over Batista more or less. As an actor he is fairly average.

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@blackkitty said:

What I find funny about this book is, they do not have one super strong person on the team. Then I look at the Justice league and... wonder woman, aquaman, superman, captain marvel... they took all of them... Still, I like the cast and want to give this a shot.

Martian Manhunter has super strength.

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I'm not sure why everyone thinks the Illuminati is needed for the Planet Hulk storyline. Yes they were used in comics, but sending Hulk away from Earth is the type of thing I can imagine any government or clandestine organization choosing to do eventually when weighing the damage caused trying to capture or kill him versus just sending him away.