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I'm not sure why everyone thinks the Illuminati is needed for the Planet Hulk storyline. Yes they were used in comics, but sending Hulk away from Earth is the type of thing I can imagine any government or clandestine organization choosing to do eventually when weighing the damage caused trying to capture or kill him versus just sending him away.

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I would actually love to see Planet Hulk adapted onto the big screen. Its a fantastic story. Even though I love WWH I would prefer they avoid that one though as I'm also hoping for a villain like Ultron to be used in one of the future Avenger films.

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@NightFang said:

Does Deathstroke sound like Ron Perlman to anybody?

Not particularly though he does seem to be trying to similar channel how Perlman voiced the role.

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I didn't see anywhere in this interview that Oracle is an eater of worlds so I'm not sure what is up with the Galactus comparisons. The similarities seem to being and and end at them both being cosmic entities. Other than that they really don't seem to be the same. That said with the amount of cosmic entities Marvel has I wouldn't be surprised if Oracle was similar to one of them.

Anyways this sounds like it could be interesting. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out although I'm not sure if Lobdell can pull it off.

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@xxxddd said:

She is the third strongest being in the DCU, second strongest being Superman, and strongest being Darkseid.

Actually we really don't know who the strongest is considering how Helspont treated Clark in the Superman annual.

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I'm curious what people were expecting. There really isn't much to draw from seeing that the show is focused on mostly original characters and not the more known S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

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I wish it was Ron Perlman. The man did a great job of voicing him on TT and has actually resembled him to a decent degree appearance wise in the past.

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@Onemoreposter said:

How competitive could Jen and Ben really get? Doesn't Thing way outclass Shulky in terms of strength?

Actually I think Jen is stronger than Ben.

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Characters should stay dead until there is a truly good story to tell with them alive. I think revivals are ok in general as long as there is something to be developed within the character still.

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@Loki9876 said:

@Eivion: They're probably going to kill the new characters.

Pretty sure most of the characters involved are established. And again they pretty much said there would be a lot of murder/death. Its not just going to be new characters dying.