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@lightsout: They are all related. The 2011 series is a continuation from Hush Beyond (terrible story which you don't need to read). The first digital first series was a continuation of the 2011 series. This new series is also a continuation of the last digital first series. Its just a relaunch done to push the new creative team.

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Went with TTG. I like the black humor it has tendency towards. Don't dislike any of the other shows mentioned, but none of them have built upon a bigger story in an interesting way the way shows before them did.

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I wait to read Batman Beyond in print, but I'm happy to hear Higgins is off to a good start. I thought Beechen started started off terribly with his Hush Beyond story, but really got the universe and turned in some solid stories by the end of his run. Very happy to hear Higgins is seemingly off to a better start.

Will you be reviewing Gage's Justice League Beyond as well?

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I'm actually happy about this. I like the show fine, but would rather it stand on its own than taking from the Batverse. I already wasn't the happiest with how they used Huntress and Deadshot.

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Not fond of this. I don't really like the relationship and Johns mentioned it would be ending in Trinity War. If this was just in the vein of Batman/Superman I would be fine with it. If its just to further push the romantic relationship then I have no interest of whatsoever.

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There is no excuse for Thors vs. Gorr not making it. Deadshot vs. Unknown Soldier was nice, but nowhere near the same level.

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I'm fine with Under the Red Hood winning. It was easily a top three for me. That said, Superman vs. Elite should have done much better.

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Why is Ystin blond?

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It won't be someone who didn't exist in the old Earth-2 or has no connection to the Justice Society. I wouldn't be surprised if its a flat out new character.

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Can't say I bought into any of the arguments this article made.

The title and character was never intended to be a a strong part of the Bat/Gotham mythos aside from the Batman Inc. connection which is the same for many members of the group. The sales are far too low to make a comeback from a directional change. I find nothing interesting in the Luke Fox character. Also your completely wrong about David as far how he felt about the Bat symbol and the ideas that came with it. It only changed conveniently for this last story arc to set up his departure.

The series should have just been cancelled. The only reason why its still around is likely because they literally have nothing to replace it with at the moment. Its the same for several series. They don't have enough in development behind the scenes to replace them yet.