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Can't say I like the changes. While lightening up the tone is a good idea it seems like they plan to good a bit too far with it. Also not digging the art or new costume at all.

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This would work so much more interesting if Marvel hadn't spoiled it with the Time Runs Out Avengers cover.

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I couldn't choose and just went with loving both. In truth I actually think Hush is better written overall, but there is too much in Long Halloween I love like the Gordon/Batman/Dent relationship and Calendar Man's assistance for me to really hold Hush above above it.

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@obsidian_raindrop1: Killer Frost was in Forever Evil ARGUS because the creator of the New 52 version took over the writing duties. Had the original writer (Matt Kindt) stayed on she never would have been in the mini.

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I'm so happy CCH Pounder is Waller again. Now if she would only do the role live as well.

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@summersblood said:

@liveforever: I gotta say, as a fellow fan of Cyclops, this issue spends a lot of energy having the younger version talk smack about the older one. He says he wishes he grew up to be like his deadbeat pirate dad instead the hero we know, who has saved the world multiple times.....cuz that makes sense.

Because what young Cyclops saw of his present self is a militant leader of mutants who is also a criminal on the run from the law. Whats more he ended up suffering guilt by association since it is his future self. And its bit much to call Corsair a deadbeat pirate. He was unaware his children were even alive until he met them as adults. And despite being a pirate Corsair for the most part has been a rebel against the Shiar.

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I would be much more interested if it wasn't obvious that Richard is dead and if this was written by someone else instead of Bendis whose GOTG has been mostly poor.

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I actually thought this was the weakest issue yet of Eternal. Layman's dialogue wasn't very good. The art change was jarring, and I wasn't fond of it in general despite usually liking Nguyen.

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This is good news to me. Earth-2 has been quite good, but unfortunately slow partially due to just how many characters there are. They have needed a true second book for at least year now. A weekly should do just the trick though the title World's End has me worried to be honest. I'm also not sure about the creative team. It doesn't feel on the same level as what we have for Batman Eternal or Future's End.

I'm currently not reading new 52's Earth 2, should I pick a trade or two up?

I think its one of the better series to come ou of the new 52 so I would definitely suggest giving the first trade or two a shot.