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Isn't Hank Pym supposed to be fused with Ultron in space?

Non canon

Ok so I checked and it's canon post Secret Wars ,so spoilers to anybody who read it

was is officially stated? I remember reading that its not stated if it is the future.

I never thought it was canon because they show that ultron is sent away when beast was an Anvenger, and also in his second mutation stage. According to the book Ultron was never seen again until there was lady Thor, and Falcon as captain America.

Sorry no I was talking absolute sh*t no it is not officialy canon ,sorry

Its canon. Its post Secret Wars. Marvel has been coy about it, but it was already revealed by Remender in a e-mail answer he gave to someone asking him about it.

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That is my problem as well. Really hope this line-up doesn't last past Secret Wars.

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Thought this was pretty obvious.

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Tossing a few crumbs to those fans who are still angry over OMD/BND in the hopes that they'll come back and start reading the regular Spider-Man after the reboot? Or perhaps just a new way to set the pro-marriage fans against the anti-marriage fans. In my opinion marvel loves nothing more than getting the fans angry at each other.

Well of course. As the fans are busy complaining about each other are they spending less time complaining about Marvel. I'm actually half serious here. You pretty much hit the mark all around. They aren't changing OMD/BND. If they ever do it be long after the current group of people in charge are gone or at least lost quite a bit of power. The fact that Slott is writing and still likely to be the writer of Spider-man post Secret Wars is sort of even more proof no real change is coming.

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If you're wondering why some aren't big on Slott writing this its probably because he doesn't particularly care for the marriage and kind of dislikes MJ as her existence makes it harder for him to write a love interest people might accept with Peter in the current comics.

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So... it will just be another ongoing what if book? And not like the main Spider-Man? Because I want Peter's mistake to be undo somehow in the continuity now just a parallel world...

Slott has said specifically there will be elements of this that will carry into the next incarnation of Spider-Man, whatever shape it takes, following Secret Wars

Also, these stories are not "What Ifs", Alonzo has said that several times. Everything is canon from Secret Wars onwards, and everything will matter and can't be dismissed as just a possibility.

That is bs double talk from Alonso. Same way he keeps claiming this isn't going to be a reboot which unless everything goes back to the way it was pre-SW, it technically is on some level. In truth I imagine a lot of what might stick around post-SW will be based around the sales.

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There´s something I don´t understand, is this just a What If, or is this actually going to be in Spidey´s main continuity, thus retconning what happened in One More Day ?

Unless it does massive sells, its probably just another Secret Wars What If story.

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So is DC forgetting that she's dead?

Wait. How and when did she die?

She died before Batwoman 01, she's on the GCPD Wall of Heroes.

Except she didn't. It wasn't a fallen officers wall. Everyone just assumed so for whatever reason.

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About what I expected. Wilson ruined a lot of what was built up before with World's End so I can't really say I'm interested in this at all. Earth 2 needed an actual reboot.

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I wish they would just continue Higgins' book. This pretty much means they will never return to that universe.