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This is good news to me. Earth-2 has been quite good, but unfortunately slow partially due to just how many characters there are. They have needed a true second book for at least year now. A weekly should do just the trick though the title World's End has me worried to be honest. I'm also not sure about the creative team. It doesn't feel on the same level as what we have for Batman Eternal or Future's End.

I'm currently not reading new 52's Earth 2, should I pick a trade or two up?

I think its one of the better series to come ou of the new 52 so I would definitely suggest giving the first trade or two a shot.

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Thought this might be what Slott was leading up to for a good while now. Its even bigger than I imagined.
So happy to see more of May.

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Wow, I pretty much loathe the plans for Catwoman.

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Right Red Hand

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Sounds about what I expected when I heard they were pushing Kara into the Red Lanterns. I have to disagree about Nelson progressing Kara all that much as well. He dragged out the kryptonite poisoning story, blew up the home she had just made for herself, and had Kara telling off and leaving the only friend she had made on Earth. For some reason the writers on this series keep going in circles and backtracking on any growth Kara had from previous issues.

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Not sure I like Batman Beyond being brought into the DCU continuity.

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Best episode this season so far. Still, I have to wonder why they are obsessed with turning Ollie into Batman.

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@krissyjump: You're thinking of SHADE. In truth ARGUS and DEO are about the same. I would say its likely Johns made ARGUS completely forgetting about the DEO's existence.

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@hawkguy: As fan of both I can tell outside of being big guys Drax and Bane are almost nothing alike.

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Disagree completely about Bette's rescue of Alice. Its the main plot of this particular arc, and I didn't really feel it getting in the way at all. Honestly the action in general felt a little hectic and I think that was entirely the point as there is supposed to be a lot going on as they were diving into to the big stuff.