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Really don't like that Skye is Daisy, and Trips death just saddened me. Otherwise great episode, espeically how Skye handled Ward.

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I'm pleased with this one. Cumberbatch seems perfect for the style Marvel has been using for the majority of their films.

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I liked Ritter more than any of the other choices entertainment wise. That said, she was easily the worst choice among them. I seriously have no idea how she got the part.

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I pretty much hate this casting. Smith as Deadshot is just stupid. No reason he couldn't have been Bronze Tiger or Black Spider. Hardy should have been takign the Deadshot role. Joker and Harley just really don't belong at all. Only real positive are the choices for Waller. None of them are CCH Pounder, but all of them could work out pretty well.

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I'm surprised if Ritter is a legit choice. I like her, but she wouldn't be believable in such a thing at all. Out of the women De Gouw looks the best though Huntress in Arrow did her no favors on impressing anyone. Not sure how much of that was her and how much was just bad writing.

Don't know either of the guys though I think Colter has the better look for the role.

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This feels like stupid casting if you're already courting Tom Hardy for the film. he would be a much better choice.

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I kind of hate CM Punk so this does not excite me at all.

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I'm not sure why Harley is even this. She was never a member until the New 52 and the stories form there have mostly sucked. Really wish they would focus on the older version with Bronze Tiger, Flagg, Deadshot, and Digger. In truth though I probably won't give much of a damn what they do if they hire CCH Pounder to play Waller. They can have my money regardless if they do that.

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And why did Storm act all like a B***H, of course these might be early signs of inversion.

I would say that entire argument was the early sign of Inversion.

I'm just disappointed Havok is no longer an Avenger. He doesn't make much sense to me at all of being a part of any of the current X-men teams.

I also hope Evan turns back by the end of this.

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I enjoy Remender's writing, but I'm really disappointed about the lack of Havok and Thor. And I don't want Sabretooth at all. I'm actually kind of pissed about that one.