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I'm a colored person (malay/asian), and I think if movie makers would use a different ethnicity for a character established as another, it's no problem. However, what would people of color think if a movie about Martin Luther King Jr. will be portrayed by an actor of lighter complexion (i refrain from using the "r" word, since we are all the same species)?

I think the most logical way of seeing this is if a character is well established as a certain skin complexion (as opposed to the "r" word), that we, as and audience/reader should be given the proper satisfaction of seeing the character in its original incarnation, and not explore new avenues just to creat hype and publicity.

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My take on this: Trevor might be doing a "Kaizer Soze". wherein he is really the one pulling the strings, pretending to be helpless (just in time for the next Avengers movie). Why would Killian be so hellbent like that on the destruction of Tony Stark? He could be the puppet for all we know. Or, as the movie puts it, the ruse, the fake figurehead. Either way, the plot twist was satisfying since not too many people are aware of the Mandarin, outside of the comic book world.

Another thought, Iron Man was never this big until the first movie came out, which Robert Downey Jr. portrayed. So, I think, we the fans should be glad about the movie turn out, since if the Iron Man franchise didn't work out, we would never had seen the Avengers or its subsequent franchises.

The only way we can sustain this film trend, is to continually support the directors, the actors, the producers and everyone involved in making our fanboy dreams come true. There will be hits and misses, but we don't need to be so overly passionate on how it doesn't match up to the way we visualize our favorite stories turned into film reality.

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Awesome detail!

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i'd like to see cyclops too.

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I actually liked this article a lot! Cyclops being a true blue boy scout would logically go to extremes to protect his mutantkind. Too bad, I haven't followed on the X-books lately. Aren't many radical extremists like these? They get burned by the restrictions of their own code when their opponents bend the book every which way, what would that result? A pissed off, do-gooder, going for the enemy's guts.

Meanwhile, Wolverine, the polar-opposite of Cyclops, becomes the mentor that Cyclops can't become right now. Isn't it how things are in real life? When the straight laced guy explodes on pressure and unleashes his true, angry self, while the devil-may-care guy, becomes the more rational one who would pacify his out of character friend?

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I like this idea, maybe they could put in Eric O' Grady in the series.

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Cracks in a weak foundation. I've been reading DC comics for quite awhile now, and just like the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the new 52 may once more be retconned, re-booted, re-hashed. If Pandora is the scapegoat or the key in bringing back everything before the Crises events, I'm in!

When I say before the Crises, before all those changes, but with some of the good stuff left over to stay... they should have simply had an online survey as to which character should have been re-booted, or which book should appear and which should never have seen print.

Would you retcon a Harry Potter book just to bring in new readers? Would you re-make a classic movie just to show you can put your own twist to an established icon?

Would you sacrifice old fans in place of new, but untested readers?

They did, and sadly, history will repeat itself. More retcons, re-boots, re-hash.... and so on.

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@Strafe Prower: That's cool, but wonder if they'll put them in continuity. Thanks!

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@FrischDVH: Is that the Batman of all nations? Or the JLI? Can you send links of them or name some... since I can't remember the characters (who are flag- inspired). Thanks in advance! Cheers!

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Hi G-man,

Is it possible that the DC flashpoint event is just a marketing ploy? If most of the series' sales plummets, they can revert back to the real timeline? I sure wish this happens.