the new 52... my thoughts

It's still fresh.. the retcons for most storylines and characters... I only wish this new 52 will be retconned as well as another attempt by Superboy in changing the timeline. Because lately, that's all he's been good for. That's how I want to see all of this... Superboy and whoever he's partnered with (the writers/artists/editors), playing with the readers. 
I really liked the last 52.. where they had worlds for each characters.. (like the justice society). That way if you want a cross-over.. it will only affect  
on a particular event or timeline... 


And comic storylines should be finite. I guess giving them a retcon is a fix for that... or it ends up like the Archie comics. Where everyone is a teenager for life. 
Doing a retcon for every five years or less either destroys a fan's faith to the stories, or satisfies a disgruntled  long time reader. One example of that is the Legion of Superheroes. I liked Keith Giffen's run (although where females are being abused wasn't agreeable to me). But most of the ideas there were great... It felt like Star Wars and superheroics combined. Loved the visual design of it all.. but somehow the storyline i was following was scrapped due to the Zero hour event (another retcon).  
And doing retcons and revamps leaves a lot of readers hanging... like me not finishing this blog.

      rokk krinn cosmic boy)                


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