Four similar immortal characters

After reading certain articles, there are four characters that are quite linked to each other, either by origin or abilities. These four are the ones I'm familiar with: Vandal Savage- the most familiar among the four, had been in the Justice League Unlimited animated series as the main antagonist in Season two. He has very related origins with the Immortal Man,and the Resurrection Man (Mitch Kelly).. where they got their powers/abilities from a strange meteor. I only wish that his powers were more than just immortality (now I recently read he need to consume DNA from his bloodlines to revitalize his immortality... sounds like he was de-powered). To be immortal, does it make you easily prone to be amoral and selfish? Or do those traits just exist within Vandal's nature? Immortal Man- the polar opposite of Vandal Savage, also came upon the meteorite, but had a different effect on him. His immortality has granted him to survive death under a different persona at all times. I haven't read a book of how he transfer his consciousness or "self" to another... but maybe it's like he's Deadman who takes residence on your body on a permanent basis. Does he have a choice as to whose body he'll transfer to if he dies again? There was one story of how he was missing from a long time. He was held captive by Vandal Savage for a long time, probably torturing him enough but careful enough to not kill him. A good story would be if he died and his consciousness is transferred onto his main nemesis, Vandal.Wouldn't that rock? Apart from immortality, he has various psychic abilites like telepathy ,telekinesis and also pyrokinesis. Resurrection Man (Mitch Shelly)- his powers came from an experiment in nano technology called tektites where they regenerate his form using whatever compositions are available to them in the nearest vicinity, giving him different superhuman abilities when he resurrects. His powers are so similar with the exception of the phyical appearance of the next character in this list. Multi-Man- consuming a chemical known as liquid light,Duncan Pramble gained the uncontrollable ability to gain different powers whenever he dies. He was a frequent antagonists to the Challengers of the Unknown. He was also part of the Injustice League International (led by Major Disaster). Among the four immortals listed here, he is the one I find most interesting, due to his powers, he suffers multiple personality disorder and manic-depression. Had this character been further developed (and his looks, where he had a big bald head and pointy ears)been changed, he could have been a good major villain, or even an anti-hero. I even thought that Resurrection Man was a re-invention of DC into making Multi-man into a main character. The best link I could give to Multi-man and Vandal Savage is the liquid light. Vandal Savage is a member of the "light", the Illuminati of DC Universe I guess. But the most interesting character I'd like to see developed is the Immortal Man. He reminds me of Doctor Who. Whenever he regenerates he becomes somebody else, be it man, woman, or any race. It has movie or t.v. series potential.The story will always be narrated by the man who came to have his powers. Every episode self-contained, and he dies by chance or by intent, depending on the stoyline... and he is after Vandal Savage, the well to do billionaire.

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