flag inspired superheroes!

I thought of making my own Global superheroes... but with the vast research that it will require, I simply let it go and crumble into the limbo of my imaginations. Besides, some countries don't need superheroes, since they claim to be a near utopia. And some countries don't even like their own flag. Or they are hardly patriotic at all (wonder how they survive as a nation).

What country would work to have a flag-insoired superhero? There's already Captain America (representing Uninted States), Vindicator/Guardian (for Canada), Captain Britain and Union Jack (for Great Britain), and perhaps Silver Samurai (for Japan). Although Africa (specifically the fictional country Wakanda) has Black Panther, he isn't exactly wearing his nation's flag as a costume (or does he?).

Over at DC comics you have Wonder Woman (yet she isn't American), the Rocket Reds (though the Russian Federation is no longer communist and has a very different flag now)...

captains three

What country would you like to see have a flag inspired costume? What would be their powers? Are they locally based or globe-trotting? Fill in your ideas and I'll get back to you with mine.

Posted by Strafe Prower

In the Marvel cartoon Super Hero Squad, they did this. They had Captain Brazil, Captain Austraila, and Captain Liechtenstein.

Posted by ChaosBlazer

how about some more Asian superheroes? Korea, Japan, China, etc.

Posted by 4donkeyjohnson

Let's see Captain Libya, he's Muslim and green! Ha ha ha (btw the flag of Libya is just green...I feel like I'm having to explain even before there is a question asked, maybe I'm over-thinking...)

Posted by FrischDVH

i think dc is doing that already...

Posted by eiderglast

@FrischDVH: Is that the Batman of all nations? Or the JLI? Can you send links of them or name some... since I can't remember the characters (who are flag- inspired). Thanks in advance! Cheers!

Posted by eiderglast

@Strafe Prower: That's cool, but wonder if they'll put them in continuity. Thanks!

Posted by Strafe Prower

@eiderglast: I'm sure they will eventually. Captain Brazil was pretty cool IMO.

Posted by FrischDVH

@eiderglast: No I was joking on comparing Captain Libya with Green Lantern Baz, who is also Muslim and green.

Posted by Uncanny_XFactor

I'd dig drawing some heroes for this, @payno did some killer Scottish ones somewhere.