Enough with the Retcons and reboots already

It does feel that everything lately is a ploy. The retcons (before they were so commonplace) have made the word itself sound like a bad word. I remember an article from All Star Squadron where Roy Thomas coined that term: "retroactive continuity". This happened during the time when the first Crisis on Infiinte Earths took place. When classic Superman with Lois and Superboy Prime was put in a paradise like limbo. They intended to write off all continuity, where the main three characters, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman never existed in the 40s up to the early Silver Age.

I was young then, but I was really kind of put off when the editorial and whomever was allowing these changes just simply let what was written be what it should be. They could have simply wrote something to explain why certain incongruities in the storylines seem illogical. Like Superman's powers. He used to be able to do super-ventriliquism, but then he can't. I am no writer, but somehow, with a group of creative people discussing, they could have made all those illogical stories... logical.

Another example is Donna Troy. Wondergirl (specially in her red outfit) was iconic all on her own.There are many ways they could have made her logical even if Wonder Woman is now almost her same age (after the Crisis event). She could have been time displaced.. an anomaly. And the Titans could then uncover how that has happened (which reminds me, after the crisis, it was only this guy who remembers the past events: Psycho-Pirate).

With much detective work from Dick and the rest of the Titans, they would have uncovered that there was space/time disturbance, and somehow, Donna Troy's attributes prevented her from being wiped off from reality.

Though change is inevitable, too much change in so short a time makes most stories feel like they were written in a rolled up tissue paper... flushed out whenever editorial or the writers find that they can't do anything worth keeping to have the story be interesting or involving anymore.

I preferred it when they just put the character in limbo, or fighting the norse gods in a never-ending battle...

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