Comic Vine skin

Okay so one day I was really bored and sitting with my laptop looking at the plastic skin that came with it out of the box to protect the top from gettin scratched (yes I'm just that lame I left the packing sticky on it to keep it clean).  Anyway I decided to make my own skin to put on the top for fun, even though I couldn't find proper paper to image the skin onto for a laptop but I used some adhesive paper I bought at Staples.  I put a few things together and came up with this to show off one of my favourite sites.


Na na na na na na Batman

I have no idea where the picture is but when my brother and I were little we were Batman and Robin, of course I was Batman cause I was taller and the older one lol.  Ha, I found a picture of me in a bunch of ones she gave us, still can't find the one with both of us in it.   This is really bad cause its from the early 80's lol.


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Secret all the way

I would keep my identity a secret, no way am I gonna let some glorified tin can pressure me into registering or telling people who I am, or any comic book Editor and Chief for that matter, lol.  You'd never have a personal life after that.  Sure I might tell a couple of close friends (as a matter of fact I know 2 that I can tell and know that they would go to their grave with this secret, if they didn't they would end up in a grave anyway, ha!).  Having everyone know your super and secret identity would be pointless, well at least you wouldn't have to worry about a costume anymore, imagine the money you'd save on cevlar, plus I only know how to sow buttons back on and I wouldn't want my mom fixing my costume, she'd just worry all the time, ha ha ha.

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Story but....

A good story is the most important thing since I'm READING a comic, but good art sets off the comic by far and I find it really brings a story to life, if I like the art then I can really get into a story.


Yeah Yu-Gi-Oh!

I was never really one for manga until Yu-Gi-Oh! came to television, I loved the show (original one with the Pharaoh) and I was hooked on it, so I read Shonen Jump Magazine, plus I love One Piece, that is funny.  I still read some of the other ones in Shonen Jump but Yu-Gi-Oh! and one piece is my all time favourite.

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I loved the 90's X-Men cartoon it was awesome and dramatic and over the top.  The Phoenix Saga and Dark Phoenix Saga was so emotional and darned close to the comic.

I also like the Spectacular Spider-man, they artwork may not be spectacular but its in par with most of the animation in cartoons now adays but the writing is hilarious and reminds me a lot of the days with Stan Lee.

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Heck ya

All my friends know I collect comics and they don't care.  I always tell them some comics are really well written and its like getting a mini novel once a month but with pictures, lol.  One of my friends I give the latest on in X-Men since he doesn't have a comic shop nearby anymore.

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Would the real Skrully please stand up

Well for one thing, I know who's not a skrull, and that is Jean Grey since she died as Jean Grey did not revert back to true Skrull form and was reborn as Jean Grey during End Song, thank the gods, lol.

I would kinda hope that Emma has been, that would explain her desire to be a good girl and infiltrate the X-Men like she has, and it would SERIOUSLY mess up Cyclops, he's probably look like Apu when he found out his wife had octuplets, lol, sorry Simpson's joke there, ha ha.

Spider-man would be another, what nerd in his right mind would ever give up the one woman who loved him enough to marry him, lol, ask Bill Gates.

Xavier would be nice too but since he died when he was shot then he wouldn't be a skrully either.  Scarlet Witch would be awesome considering that horrible M Day fiasco, but I doubt that any Skrull could possible harness that kind of power.  

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NO ONE!!!!

Leave Jean alone to find herself and her place.  She's been gone along time and a lot has changed for her.  She needs to be with just Jean.

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