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wow that guy was doing windmills on the grass @ 0:45

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@BiteMe-Fanboy: wtf man, i would have walk up to their faces and knocked the shit out of them. but i notice you said they were sent to a youth center. are you that much older than them? i know some laws prevents adults from beating the sh1t out of little asswh0les, but i would have at least got up to their faces to say what was going down. but whatever. what goes around comes around. glad to hear your neighbor is pulling together just fine though. that was actually a miracle if you ask me.  must of been those calcium they be putting in them orange juices these days.
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@LordOfAllHumans said:
@PunkMastaFlex said:

@LordOfAllHumans said:

@PunkMastaFlex said:

Manhunters' telepathic feats exceeds that of Jean's and Xavier's and therefore, Manhunter solos.

what feats? Jean has unlimited psionic power that Xavier knows how to tap to augment his own.

Manhunter has mindraped the Spectre twice, mind controlled the entire J.L.A, controlled multiversal artifacts like the Wargolog, and so on.

If by mindrape you mean bypassed his mental defenses, then Xavier did that to Galactus.  One Spectre you are talking about is Hal Jordan and all MM did was surprise him with a telepathic shout, and enter his mind (feel free to correct this and tell the other instance).  The only difference is the Spectre has a human soul involved.  He made Galactus basically live the life of billions of Skrulls, but Galactus didn't care.  Mind controlled the X-men, creating a mental reality to find out the Skrull imposter, mind wiped entire towns all the time when the Xmen first started, tapped the full power of the Mind Gem gaining access to the collective consciousness of the universe, and so on.  Comparatively seems like Xavier can do the same thing, with Jean's help he made contact with Akhenaten a wielder of the Heart of the Universe.  These are MMs high feats and are examples of how strong he is, Xavier has feats that prove he can accomplish similar feats, in most cases Xavier and Jean work together when they are together, she is more powerful than Xavier and I don't care what anybody says Saturn Girl is not on Jean or Emma level, if so show me something consistent, because these two ladies have consistent feats as powerful and skilled telepaths.
word. don't forget that xavier gave me a huge headache. 
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@Lantern Prime: what brought you back lantern? was it beautiful memories? lol
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now that youre moderator can you say "stay off my *****" ? 

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@gravitypress: nice music 
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@PikminMania said:

@Jade1977: Was that girl avatar always available?

Sephiroth stomps btw.

only during v.2 
the admins can turn them back on if they wanted to.
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@iLLituracy said:
Dear Earth,  I'm coming to wreck your sh*t.  Sincerely, Ego
i had a feeling that hiding behind mercury wasn't a good idea.
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@CapitolPunishment said:
The funny thing is that out of maybe 10 Cyttorak fans, 7 of them are the same dude with multiple avatars, such as our dear OP.
  1. vendel
  2. the human juggernaut
  3. lance bastro
  4. knowsbleed
  5. hellionvulcan
  6. bor
  7. thejuggernautpunch
  8. kenshiroo
  9. sesaw
  10. dreadnought
  11. thejuggernautkick
  12. deadpool
  13. thefallenone
  14. boobster
  15. spidermanwins
  16. susanoo
  17. lance uppercut
  18. tron boone
  19. joygirl
  20. killuall
  21. and the rest that think juggernaut is too over powered to care about him
  22. some dr. strange fans support the big j
  23. some hulk fans support him too
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@Lantern Prime said:
FInal Flash man... i mena really? Is this a real question?
ok so is zee crusher going to be next to show up from the oblivion list?