Bad guys who have become heroes

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Posted by shroudofsorrow

When did Scream, Crossbones, Deathstroke and Doctor Light become good guys?

And was Sub-Zero really ever a bad guy?

Posted by EganTheVile1


Sub-Zero became a hero notably in MK3, he has also been relatively heroic in MK games, compared to the other characters, hard to call deadly force types heroes but he is close in that universe. Scorpion likewise was fighting against what's his name, the other sorcerer who was not Shang Tsung... the one that looked like a skinny Kratos... he kinda evolved into a hero briefly during MK deadly alliance and deception. Deathstroke was notably a member of the Titans for a short time, Scream reformed and became a hero as seen in Venom: The Hunted, Venom: Tooth and Claw, and was a "hero" when Eddie Brock killed her, Crossbones heroic status really only applies to his self-serving stint as a member of Luke Cage's Thunderbolts, Doctor Light briefly reformed, just look at his team affiliations.