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List of Catholic comic book characters (new list just getting started)

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I don't think Jesse was catholic. He was Baptist (?) maybe. But either way, it's hard to give him a domination as he really disliked God especially towards the end of the series.

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LOL For The Title.

Posted by Mr.Q
Nightcrawler. He was almost a priest at one point I think. Also I believe seeing or hearing somewhere that both Daredevil and Gambit were Catholic.
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Kid Crusader

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Punisher studied in the priesthood as well, tho I'm not positive if it was Catholic or not.  Also Reverend Jeremiah Hatch was a "Man of God" in 'Nam.  And as Mr.Q mentioned DD is Catholic....and his mother. Of course, I don't know how inclusive you want to get :}
Also Bushwacker - like Punisher, they both studied to be priests.