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C'mon CV made Giant Bomb not the other way around, why are the things written by CV contributors sometimes obscured by an obnoxious Giant Bomb banner? Your not IG f'n N Giant Bomb, your not better then CV, AV or Screened, get over yourselves and low-key your ads so they dont mess with the other sites, just saying.

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Solarus, Paragon, The Wink, and Fault Zone were not just hotties, they had awesome backstories, great powers, and killer personalities... wish marvel would adopt them into 616 and not just leave them as video game characters, awesome female villains/hero

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@Bookman: Well she is a Marvel character so, duh, just ask a mod to remove a bad addition if you dont have edits in the future rather then making an angry sounding post named WRONG, and ease up on the caps too guy

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@RazzaTazz said:

@EganTheVile1: It is better to flag people, it protects everyone's interests except the cheater.

Yeah but I flagged someone who did not deserve it once, they were the one who were pladgerized not the other way around, hell, TMNT wiki's Wingnut and Screwloose pages ripped off my CV Wingnut writing, so I only flag on obvious anomolies these days

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I figured it was something fishy, kinda picturerd someone adding AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA in my head but far longer then deleting it to get points, I know on CV, GB, AV, and S that has been done, glad I flagged a known violater (hate flagging people)

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Been a while since I posted, but noticed something, a user has 1,200 points on the Lak Sivrak page..... which has no writing changes since I added the page, only difference is that Lak is credited to the SW guide to aliens.... obviously one credit added is not worth 1,200 wiki points.... what's going on guys?

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Without the healing factor he is just not the Deadpool we know and love, I never missed it when he lost the teleportation power given, but when I think of the things that make Deadpool Deadpool the healing factor was a big part of him, the moment he shot himself in the head out of boredom is a big example of something that was grim, shocking, and damn funny in a sick way that made this character. I cant picture him having to play it safe, it would ruin the character.

EDIT: Plus his whole body is cancerous, wont he just drop dead without a healing factor anyway? Writers... do your homework...

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@Leliel said:

@xerox-kitty said:
@fesak said:
" @Green Skin said:
" ...umm Deaths Head is back. I forget which book it was in but he was a bounty hunter for S.W.O.R.D. "
But he's asking for Death's Head II "
And this poll was started in June 2009, roughly 6 months before SWORD was published.
Weird coincidence huh? I personally like to see them all back maybe also give an upgrade to Death Wreck sense I don't think he be much against any of his brothers

Hate revisiting a post after so long, but Death Wreck was actually the Charnel killer, so he hardly needs an upgrade.

BTW, heard these guys will appear in Marvel Online

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A scan of Roadkill and Splat the Cat from Secret Defenders issues 4 and 5

Reason: Wiki improvements: Splat has no images and Roadkill only has a cropped image from the cover of Secret Defenders 5

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Ask for specific scans from an issue, you must:

1) Know the issue or issues you need a scan from

2) Know the characters you want a scan of or at least describe them

3) Explain why you want the scan

From there if someone who has a copy of the issue and a scanner chooses to help, awesome.