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OK, been silent for FAR too long, coming back to spank your monkey minds! (yeah just realized how that sounded) Anyways... ETV1 IS BACK!

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The team is called the "Carnage Family" named after another serial killer cult in the real world "The Manson Family" they are not in any way shape or form called "Team Carnage" I think that re-title stems from a kid who never read Maximum Carnage and assumed since Venom's group was "Team Venom" Carnage's group must be "Team Carnage" well, it was the 90's kids, we did not have the whole Team Lohan VS Team Hilton back then.

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Norman obviously. Dark Reign proved that.

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Todd MacFarlane, Erik Larson, or Jim Lee on The Big Bang Theory would be cool, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. certainly has opened the doors to a lot of Marvel characters making TV debuts, we had a reference to Spider-Man (though until Sony lets those rights go, we won't see him in a good live-action role that is true to Spider-Man) of course Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has also seemed to have the running gag of close to but not really the hero you think someone is as Centipede super-humans, we already have seen the close-to-but-not Luke Cage and Sunfire on that show.

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Would do it myself CV staff/mods, but you guys made image editing overly complicated and someone who knows how it works changed the picture of Jughead Jones to someone who is not Jughead that is apparently about to get murdered. Good job on the wiki editing tools changes BTW, makes editing the site pages oh so epic of a pain in the ass.

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Been a long time since I checked this blog post, thanks to those who got it, hope you read up on the topic to those who don't just on the off chance you meet someone with this condition, anyways, between Asperger's and Kerren's death, life has consistantly sucked for me, but whatever, I fight, I live, I rock, and I do a little better with each bout with tragedy.

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Late thanks to those who posted, sorry I did not thank you sooner, was AWOL from CV.

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A pet peeve of mine, and I am sure many others who read/edit articles of late is one very persistent editor going around changing Major Story Arcs to Mayor Story Arcs on every other page, if anyone knows who that is, please refer them to this thread so they can see with their own two eyes the word is major not mayor, as the story arc does not hold political office ina city or township.

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Personally, I find nothing original about this book, lately it seems the writers being brought in have next to no knowledge of characters, and less respect for them and the fans, Avengers Arena is a key example of this. An obvious ploy to cash in on the success of "the Hunger Games" written with characters who are dubbed "cult favorites" and only using a casual base understanding of their powers (i.e. the writer thinks he can kill any of them and write them any way with no backlash provided he gets their names and powers right) and sadly that seems to be the norm in Marvel Now.

I used to buy every Avengers title, but I will not buy this, or for that matter, most things tagged Marvel Now!, as most MN! titles are terribly written anyway.

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C'mon CV made Giant Bomb not the other way around, why are the things written by CV contributors sometimes obscured by an obnoxious Giant Bomb banner? Your not IG f'n N Giant Bomb, your not better then CV, AV or Screened, get over yourselves and low-key your ads so they dont mess with the other sites, just saying.