Over the next few weeks check back here for my most off-beat, and perhaps darkest fan-fic yet, I will start writing this story this week and plan to finish it on my blog before posting it to fan-fic in early May. The story follows a certain premise, "If I had super-powers would I use them, or restrain myself for fear they may go away at the wrong moment" This is the first story I am writing for comicvine that I originally intended to get published independently

The alarm clock buzzed a blaringly loud and ear splitting noise, Reggie Jacobs swatted at the clock, missing the first couple tries then finally finding the clock and turning it off, "Why do I bother to set this damn thing?" Reggie asked himself, it was 11 A.M. and he had been unemployed for over a year, Reggie was on the verge of homelessness, his parents had foot the bill for him to this point, but were now in financial situations of their own, Reg would be on the street if he didn't come up with a solution soon. He stepped out of his door for a smoke, the landlord was a hard-ass about smoking in the apartment and Reg had no intention of rocking the boat considering how far behind he was in the rent "Another crap-tastic day" Reg muttered taking a deep, long drag off his cigarrette, slowly exhaling, suddenly his eyes met one of his neighbors newspapers, and he slowly stepped towards it, making sure no one heard him grab the periodical "Looks like I get to read the want ads" he thought as he opened his door a crack, throwing the newspaper in behind his back.

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Death's Head II in MUA II

No it's not by any means official or even a rumor for that matter, but I feel DH II belongs in the sequel to the game Marvel Ultimate Alliance. I know you might be saying "Death's Head II, Really?" c'mon the guys a total bad-ass, and for alternate costumes you'd have the original DH, DH 3.0 and Death Metal. Sure I want to see Cable in the next game, of course more members of the Thunderbolts, and you better belive I want Punisher in the game, but everybody has an obscure character that they really want to be able to play in the next game and mine is Death's Head II. Tell me what you think and who you would like to see in the game this time around.

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