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Seriously, CV staffers, great idea with the quests, but is it really worth making it more difficult to navigate to their home pages and getting rid of PM's? I dunno it seems like every site upgrade has a cool concept to it, but often the new feature has tons of trouble and other aspects of the page suffer. As a member of Order of the Black Hand (who pretty much communicate exclusively through PM's this affects my friends greatly. A little warning on what we will no longer be able to do would be nice next time!


Character relationships being deleted by total dumb@$$es

OK starting to get VERY sick of this and I am going to use one character (though there are far too many falling victem now that more people have live edits then in the Vine's early days) 
Now let us use Punisher as the example for this... 
Comicvine is all about giving knowledge on every aspect of a character so fans of that character can be informed of anything that has happened to them, but a certain Punisher fanboy, or fanboys, have decided only modern Punisher history counts, to this end most alternate reality Punisher info has been deleted by someone with live edits, which is such BS considering how much time/effort/research the various contributors who put it up in the first place put in. Next his relationships... Spider-Man, Captain America, and Microchip... MICROCHIP keeps getting deleted from his Friends... WTF? and in enemies apparently Jigsaw, Kingpin and Saracen are often viewed as not worth mentioning by these live-edit nazis as I have had to personally re-add those villains several times. Aside that sorry people, read Secret Defenders #4 & 5 before removing Punisher from that teams roster. 
Now how can this problem be solved? Well, either by people who have live edit privlages actually spending time researching whether or not there was a point in a characters history where this relationship/event happened rather then deleting things outright (one can dream) 
Or certain pages should require staff approval for any edit that involves removing information/relationships of a character. After all what staff member would allow someone to cut Microchip from Punisher's friends, or Jigsaw from his enemies?

Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic are D-Bags



OK Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic are the biggest D-Bags in all of comics, I'm not just saying this, there are a ton of examples beyond them backstabbing friends in Civil War. 
Let's start with Mr. Fantastic, let me start by saying 20 years ago when I was only six and my parents had just gotten divorced I was reading Fantastic Four dumbfounded that Sue didnt dump his ass, he constantly ignores her and disregards her opinions, comes off as a self important know it all, and has less of a  grasp on emotions then a Vulcan, when Franklin Richards was kidnapped and came back as Psi-Lord moments later, he didn't even seem upset.... His son was kidnapped to a dystopian future, came back as a adult who had just gone through hell and he was not at all showing any emotions... This guy is a total prick was my first thought as a kid. Science seems more important to him then family and friends, only explanation I have for Sue staying with him is the elasticity powers probably make their way to the bedroom. 
As for Iron Man, well here is a guy who has racked up enough D-Bag points to shatter Billy Mitchell's highest scores, lets start with the story arc "Armor Wars" OK so it is kinda understandable when Iron Man goes after villains like Controller, Professor Power and so on who may be using pirated Stark Tech in their armor, but then he goes after the Vault's Gaurdsman, and basically leaves them powerless to fight back in a prison full of Super-Villains, and the Avengers member Stingray, who Iron Man nearly kills only to realise his armor had no Stark tech at all, then he fights Titanium Man and Crimson Dynamo, and after spotting a weakness in Titanium Man's armor turns his thrusters on it and ignites Titanium Man's armor, not only does TM scream in pain as he is seemingly being burned alive, Iron Man doesnt even try to save him.... WTF! From here on Iron Man pulls a series of D-Bag stunts, refusing to help Rhodey fix the War Machine armor, fighting super-heroes trying to bring Tony Stark to justice during Crash and Burn (yeah Mr. If you didnt do anything wrong you have nothing to worry about) during civil war made the original Venom look like the bigger man during this story arc where he fought tooth and nail to keep his own ass out of jail. Then with numerous other D-Bag stunts under his belt came Civil War... oh and who else was on his side in this, oh yeah, Reed. Let's see Iron Man gave Spidey armor for the sole purpose of keeping tabs on him, sided with the Thunderbolts against established friends, turned on Captain America & Nick Fury, let's be real, if it werent for Norman Osborn, we would hate these guys!


Well I would anyway, and I still think they are D-Bags!


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Egan Strategy part 1

Just a few thing I've learned that may or may not help you 
Juggernaut Teams: Bruisers: Juggernaut, Hulk, Thing, Venom, Ms. Marvel, Luke Cage X-men (should be obvious) 
Bishop boss fight: Part 1 fight Bishop until he runs low on health and retreats to recharge at the power generator, then quickly run behind the generator and attack the yellow lit tubes, they will turn red and after enough damage will explode, the generator will then explode in Bishops face making the rest of phase 1 of this battle simple. 
Part 2: Three generators are now in play, as well as an electrical field overhead in the center of the battlefield, fight Bishop in the same way as before with one minor change in strategy, Bishop now unleashes an attack that sucks in all your heroes and throws them across the screen, this is easily spotted when the ground beneath Bishop glows blue, at which point get away from him as fast as you can. Weaken Bishop until he runs to a generator to recharge, then quickly move to one he isnt recharging at: Deadpool is great for this as his teleportation and jumping sword slash make this pretty simple: Teleport behind the first generator Bishop is not recharging at and attack it quickly, then teleport to the sewcond generator Bishop is not recharging at and repeat, the quicker you pull this off the less health Bishop recovers.  (targeted fusions are the best to use on Bishop while he is actively fighting you)
Part 3: Bishop will move into the center and try to recharge, this is your chance to end the fight: If you followed my advice and are using Deadpool, simply double jump to trigger your teleportation to quickly get behind each generator and use your jumping sword slash (RT+B on an XBOX360 controller) to quickly take out all three generators, timed correctly this strategy will turn Bishop from one of the games most formidable bosses to one of it's easiest 
The never run out of health trick: When your characters have some breathing room and are not being attacked, switch characters low on health out for Wolverine or Deadpool, the healing factors of these characters will recover whatever slot they are assigned to fully,  and you can do it as often as you need to!
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