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@cyrus_winchester: "Good luck with the target practise"

( This should set you up nicely for dropping into toddlers and titans so if you fancy dropping a post in that your in.

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Looking up from his desk and pointing due east of his current location. "The forest in 2 mins in that direction feel free to make youself a firing range. Just be respectful to the monks and collect your spent shells after. As for the current living arrangments consider them as they nothing but a temporary stop gap."

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@cyrus_winchester: "Yeah just a quick plan to let the guys know what we are doin gand where. As for a tour right now there isnt much to see. Juts a meeting room and some bunk rooms. If its empty take your pick. Have a walk round take the place in and come back here and i wil lbe doing some work can answer any questions you have"

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"Well i'am sure we can find use for such a power. Even it does sound excruciating. I'am sure these people have something in them its just be dark here for so long that this Micheal of yours couldnt see the little light that is left. I have met a few angels in my time they have always underestimated the human spirit as far as i have seen. I like your enthusiasm, soon we will be getting to work. I'am preping for a mission right now in fact we shall be having a meeting within the next two days. You field ready as you haev forty eight hours to be if not."

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@brainchild: Indeed, least if i do it for a oneshot people wont want the canon switch lol

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@brainchild: I thought that would be you angle after i saw this account posting to a @housemouse comment i checked details out lol. But yeah would be intresting and would change the knightfall power dynamic so should be a good read as well.

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@brainchild: will see what strikes me, i have had his powers in mind for quite awhile anyways.

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"Lack of souls? do you mean people?. Or can you sense souls?. Sorry i dont remember you mentioning you exact powerset when we last spoke. This place needs us, we can make it better make them have the options of modern technology and medicine but also keeping their own way of life. You name me one other place where we can be as instrumental for the betterment of our environment and the team will go there next." Edward smilled lighheartedly to let his companion know whilst he was serious he was also slightly teasing him.

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@quintus_knightfall: Just checked it out. I may drop in as powered up Cass actually as its future canon and could theortically change the future in it.