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@quintus_knightfall: Nice man, like howyour sort of fading into shutting down whilst fighting it.

want your unpowered bro to drop in?

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@cellphonegirl: Accepting the hug before firmly grabbing both of Blairs arms "Make sure you dont. I am serious i dont want that kind of attention." Letting his grip slip and letting Blair loose "I didnt look though them. And your like my little sister Blair i will only ever see the best of you. Neither side is better than the other."

"Why are you obsessed with the dam selfies anyways?"

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@cellphonegirl: "Well let me think, the person who posted it goes by the allias SparklyPink. Other pictures included several of your dog and maybe couple hundred of you yourself. So its either you or someone doing dam well pretending to be you." Edwards sturn face starting to slip so he turned away composing himself before once again facing down Blair "Do it again and i break the phone. I am not to be photoed without my permission. I so much as glimpse a camera you will find yourself suddenly unable to use a phone for a couple weeks."

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@la_espada: Will leave it to one of the leaders to sort that out, if they havent added you to pm in next day or so let me know and will do it myself.

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@la_espada: Sure there will be no problem with that.


"Blair?, where the hell are you?. We need to talk." Edward strolled through the corridors shouting at the top of his voice. He could easily locate her with a thought but this required a firm and direct convosation. Spotting a glimpse of her infamous pink hair as she dipped into a door way at the distant end of the corridor. "Hidding will do you no good. What the hell was this for?" Pointing to his tablet revealing a picture of the prince in the gym toweling himself off. "This is not cool. You have no right to boost pictures of me like this"

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@quintus_knightfall: is it time to get to work on that first knightfall rp could start a PM?. That will be different from mutant human stuff and finally get to sratch that swords and chainmail itch you got.

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Walking the corridors of the tower the prince of power located and walked into the gym. It smelt of fresh paint and it appeared unused. Pulling his trademark armour off and folding it away into his gym bag he quickly stretch before pulling on some shorts and a vest top. "Time to put a shift in"

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Edward couldnt shake the feeling that this town this earth and the people in it where still not his own. Compasion and the will to help others had taken him far, but the stakes where higher to him when he had the ties of his lifes memories to his work. This planet wasnt his and whislt he had some of his friends with him the rest of the place would be forever alien and he couldnt truely defend it as well as he could his own. His heart wasnt in it this palce was just a substitute one he wouldnt willingly see fall but he could never seen himself truely opening up and accepting it as his new home.

Looking through the windows of the towering new HQ his allies had secure he gazed down on the city below. This buidling was needed but he couldnt help feel it was like the elephant in the towns room. Had the teams migration really bettered the place for the people or just themselves so far.

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Posted should help set up whomever else is still in team 1 other than eddy and Cyrus as well.