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@quintus_knightfall: is it time to get to work on that first knightfall rp could start a PM?. That will be different from mutant human stuff and finally get to sratch that swords and chainmail itch you got.

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Walking the corridors of the tower the prince of power located and walked into the gym. It smelt of fresh paint and it appeared unused. Pulling his trademark armour off and folding it away into his gym bag he quickly stretch before pulling on some shorts and a vest top. "Time to put a shift in"

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Edward couldnt shake the feeling that this town this earth and the people in it where still not his own. Compasion and the will to help others had taken him far, but the stakes where higher to him when he had the ties of his lifes memories to his work. This planet wasnt his and whislt he had some of his friends with him the rest of the place would be forever alien and he couldnt truely defend it as well as he could his own. His heart wasnt in it this palce was just a substitute one he wouldnt willingly see fall but he could never seen himself truely opening up and accepting it as his new home.

Looking through the windows of the towering new HQ his allies had secure he gazed down on the city below. This buidling was needed but he couldnt help feel it was like the elephant in the towns room. Had the teams migration really bettered the place for the people or just themselves so far.

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Posted should help set up whomever else is still in team 1 other than eddy and Cyrus as well.

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Mission 1 Florida

Hours pass and the prince of power found himself many many miles to the west. Forsaking running to the battle on his own fand selecting to travel with the rest of the champions setting out on this dangerous and most likely problematic mission. The everglades would be hot, wet and filled with a collection of wildlife happy to try and snack on the prince and his team without even going into the threat of the purposes of this mission. Edward remebered vividaly the pains of his youth when his telepathy set in full force. The sudden torrent of thoughts and constant bombarding waves of voices causing sleepless nights and migranes that felt like his head was splitting in two. This kid was acting out, he needed guidance but first the champions need to get close enough. It was clear from reports that this child was seeking silence.

Setting foot in the marshy swamps of the everglades Edward instant thought was the lack of any sound at all, no breeze no insects no birds. Whatever this kid was doing was off the mental charts. This place was supposed to be a hive of wildlife and yet it was as all life had fleed the place. A pusling telepathic reading striking the prince in the distance "Follow me, stay close" aimed at his following fellow champions. Walking closer to the center of the silence and the epicenter of the telepathic anomoly.

Hearing a struggle ahead the prince of power signaled his allies to be ready. Dashing from the cover of the swamp onto a small clearing. Finding a small child wrestling with a grown man. Pulling the two of them apart and raising his hand as if to gesture something the prince still gripping the the as yet unidentified man found himself catapulted backwards.Telepathic energy of catastophic proportions colliding with the champions rolling with the strike Edward caught a glimpse of the mans face "God dammit Cyrus, we had this talk two days ago. Consider your approach." Breaking off as his mind started to feel the attempted compression of his defences "Easy, we arent here to hurt you, we just want to talk. I'am like you i'am here to help you" the princes pree etherial a connective sentiment between the two minds.

Hearing nothing in reply as the child smiled and battered the champions once more with a flurry of telepathic energy.

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@la_espada: Fair in that case i may run something by you then as future cass will be in it.

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@quintus_knightfall: leave an opening for Cass i got a bomb to drop. Scratch that seen you posted lol. Will proof read.

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@la_espada: spotted hence why i said other,meant are imp andres or this account making an apperence.

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@la_espada: Agreed ( ps you joing that future rp? with other characters)

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@la_espada: I am with you i want the dutch to win. Such a great footballing nation its frankly a joke that they havent won it yet.