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@brainchild: Lol you could. I may have made a rod for my own back by saying that i would do that now.

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@brainchild: i will do one picture for every year of my life not pictures of me at the ages though. lol

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I will forget.

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You wait till december 6th people gonna post my pwn birthday thread with a million pictures in it.

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@fuzionguy: The prince of power stood tall walking towards the office of his new teammate and would be boss. Aperently each member was to be interviewed by him, Edward as the mans predecessor thought it was frankly an odd move.

"Edward Windsor your 5 oclock"

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Not in my house

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@feral_nova: @the_red_sun_rising:

As the flames of Nova's attacks spread the lines of enemy soliders broke fleeing the flames of their destruction. Edward smiled as he knew it was now his turn to show this world why he was known as the prince of power. Speeding rapidly towards the fleeing ranks, utalising his super sonic momentum to leap into battle. The sheer force slingshotting him an impressive distance. Slammed his mighty fist into the ground channeling every ounce of his strenght and speed into a punch that made dust of the formely concrete street, the ground instantly falling away bringing the fleeing squads of soliders not already aflame slidding towards the epicenter of the champions strike.

His enemies slidding from the fire into a pit of destruction guarded by the prince of power himself. Soliders firing frantically as the prince as they slid towards him but to no effect. Their rounds hovering around him harmlessly as the remnents of the army decended closer towards him. The continued fire nearly completly encompassing the proud champion in a ball of small projectiles. The futility of their fire starting to dawn on them as the guns began to run dry and the distance grew ever shorter. Focusing his mind the prince parted a small gap between the thousands of rounds coating his telekentic shield to view his targets better.

With his vision no longer obscured the thousands of enemy projectiles fruitlessly wasted on his shield violenty exploding out from the prince, coating everything in the pit in a layer of the uniquely shaped rounds. All of the soliders around him instantly placed into a firing squad of their own creation.

Walking from the pit the Champion looked among the flames for any signal of movement before retreating to a safer distance. Closing and opening his fist as the swelling caused by his monstorous stike started to take hold of near shattered hand. The biggest threat to him so far being himself.

Touching his head with his good hand his mind reached out looking for the leader of the forces that burned ahead of him. Rapidly wandering from mind to mind for a sign ready to shut this battled down soon as he found but a simple thought from his enemies head.

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@pyrogram: Its gonna get worse before it gets better as well lol

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Posted, its very much by the numbers but hard to write somebody i dont write often.

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Edward trying as he might just could feel comfortable in this place. It was starting to look eerily like the old champions tower even down to seeing a few old names and faces. But it wasnt the same, a look out of the window showing the stark difference of the ghettos and gang controlled streets of Ronins Rest compared to the once vast bustling metropolis that was Champions City. It made the similarities of the building in which he resided all that rougher to him, what could of been the comforts of memory and home where tarnised and spikey leading him to long for a place and a time long gone.

This place was causing a downwards spiral in him, he had know it for awhile and soon there would have to be a resolution. Deep in thought a signal cut through the angst ridden silence and projected around his room. "Attention any nearby CoP members. I have a young man in need of medical attention--" Hurridly putting his costume on and zipping down numerous flights of stairs to the lobby capturinga glimpse of Crimson Eagle and Warkiller among other gathered in the lobby escouting what appered to be a child towards the medical bay. The childs body twisting and tightening in some sort of convulsive state frantic movemnst paired with one audiable responce "Madros".

The name instantly bringing up a memory, but surely not. This must be another Madros not again.