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@the creator: cheers well it was a poor attempt really since i couldnt find much the link i posted in last thread has much better feats such as stalemating galactus etc they would of been much more useful when writting the first one lol
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@AtPhantom:  sentry has been around for what 5 years how long has wonderwomen bin about shes bound to haev more efats , and i dont think wonderwomen would stand toe to toe with world war hulk and match him where has she faced someone like that ? , if she can move so fast why she need a plane?.  Where did he move the earht i havent seen that , and as i said finding sentry feat pics is dam hard with so little in terms of run time in comparison.

I didnt put up a good fight for hi mreally but anyone who doubts sentry would win should check these feats out

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alucard gets pwned , to many people as durable or better or can just attack his mind and thata n ot even going into the tactical side of things with some of the best leadewrs in dc and one of te best in marvel involved

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@the creator: ok i will try then

Firsty a pic most people who know about sentry would of seen , speed blitzing morgana la fay in dark avengers issue2. Morgana to this point had completely imobolized Dr Doom in the battle field showing her offence in magic to be quite good. This blitz attack shows how quick he is,  she wasnt even aware he was there. Also in terms of durabliy her attack on him afetrwards which results in the rest of the avngers thinking he was dead before he rea-apears. (in the sunlight above avengers tower in issue 4 of the same series). Heres a quote from the last page of that issue " hes alive , what is he? , better question if he flips out once and for all , what if anything could stop him"

Secondly a pic form world war hulk in this arc it clearly shows his durabilty and strenght to be at a very high level he hits hulks back huge distances, he stands toe to toe with him at his strongest and effectly stalemates him where all other marvel heroes failed to do so. While looking for scans for this i couldnt find the ones i was thinking of however. My question is would wonderwoman be able to stalemate world war hulk?

Back to speed again if  dark avangers issue 6 its stated by sentry himself in a discussion with normal osbourn that he can get to Los Angeles form the avngers tower in new york in less than hour it doesnt specify how fast. But thats a distance of around 2462 miles  and takes 5 hours in a comerical jet so stand  to reason he is at least 5 times faster than a jet comercial plane. THe question is wonderwoman as fast as that ?

So In summery i would say according to wahta i have seen hes near hulk lvl strenght if nit on par due to stalemating world war hulk , hes durabilty is also very high since he took a huge amount of hits from hulk like this alot more than anybody else. and shown he is also able to speed blitz at some pace he speed blitzs hulk in world war hulk , hes does it do morgana le fay and he flys across america in less than an hour to take out an atlantian miltia group by himself afterwards.

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@pixelized: just dont like here really shes never intrested me at all
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batfactor< lightning bolt to the face storm should still beat bat man even with prep hes only chance is stealth attack and even then if not a one shot its over

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deadpool uses emp grenade then pwns him stark cant do jack without power lol , ps stark on him all day but soon as he stops wades back up

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Sentry wins easily , the only reason he withdue from the original torch fight was cos he didnt wanna explode with the pwoer he had taken on and wipe all of the heros in the area out , firelord atatcks sentry makes him more powerful sentry uses said power to pwn him

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ww puts up a fight but goes down after sentry comes to conclusion he wont beat her unless he goes all out, so he does and beats her down.

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