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Counter conversion - deconstruct the atoms in opponents attack into a random order

Hammer fist - using atomic manipulation changes atoms in hand to the same consistancy as solid proto-admantium, afetr examing caps shield and mastering its atomic structure was able to manipulate own structure to mimic it

Destabilzer- cause complete deatomization of a target, and huge explosion

Restructure- a small focused blast of energy onself to replace damage atomic structure in order to regenerate limbs etc quickly requires complete focus

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Daughter  called typhoon , has the abilty to harmonize with nature  and thus phase body into local environment. It is raining she is basicly sentient  rain cloud or mist giving her brillaint stealth and stalking posabilties. Also has abilty to manipulate said weather to a certain degree so can use lightning strikes whilst in cloud form , hurricanes etc in a wind form and snow torrents in a snow form.  Neutral unless someone is damaging environment

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wolverine origins

Logan - hugh jackman
Victor creed - scot speedman " also not wolveriens half brother"
Deadpool- ryan reynolds
Weapon xi - never happened
Mavrick not agent zero -  Karl Urban
Gambit-  Josh Holloway
Blob -  kevin durand
Silver fox- salma hayek

That and getting rid of  Dominic Monaghans pointless addition to the weapon x team shame hes a a good actor

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hade me so happy i spilt my breakfast , lokking foward to it being back on the air again now

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@Chaos Prime said:
" Hes a legend. Long live Logan... "
agreed althought he should be used less often hes all over tha place
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spawn easily , then supes , then surfer , then hal/whomever the lantern is

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why bother making new ones that will just be hatted for not sounding right ? dam fox with there crazyness just pay up and make something fans wanna see

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bullseyes main strenght is abilty to take people out quickly he is duarbale to an exstent but if he cant hit what hes attackjng well enough to do good damge his screwed since longshot would use his luck to sway the abttle his way just by avoiding h2h and making sure bullseye doenst get his bests shots in. How can bullseye damage him him he cant hit him where he wants to. I know my bullseye history well he is very good at using mundane random objects and using crazy probailtys to get the job done but without luck i think it will be much harder for him . Longshot being insanely lucky could only need one good shot to take bullseye out of the game since he has had some truely epicly lucky feats before

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hes luck wont need to hold out for ever bullseye tries to kill hi mfails , longshot usees whatever bullseye atatcks with to take out bullseye realtively quickly and easily