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Truth is I'am in a pretty large rut writing wise right now.

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I was in more RT's than i remember lol

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@thisisgonnahurt: Spawn is f* cking awesome. Found the missing images gonna up HOF cover blog ready so i can make next class after vote.

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The moon- Prime verse

Pacing in front of his office window, looking down on the earth the champion Edward Windsor watched. The dawn line sweep across the continents bringing a new day in its wake, simultaneously the shadow of night floating over the rest of the world the two fronts forever chasing each other round and round the rotating earth. A constant in these very different and difficult times, even itself a metaphor of the champions work. Everyday for what seems an eternity there would be another threat dawning on the horizon and another slog till the well earned rest and peace of the night.

The recent months bringing no rest bite to the weary champion as once again the world is shrouded under the fog of conflict. A frightful battle between the few people left for the even fewer resources.

Long since passed was the time Eddy could muster an army of the worlds elite, geniuses powerhouses and tacticians of masterful skill and cunning. His resources now down to a few trusted friends and some beat up Lockheart tech, the base itself on its last legs having been patched up by far lesser minds than those who crafted it. The champions desk suddenly lighting up "Spacial anomaly detected. Please insure safeguards are activated." placing his hands onto his desk and calmly responding "Explain anomaly?" the champions mind flashing back to the various other anomalies ranging from small pieces of foil and magnetized meteors that caused a similar response from the frantic AI system.

"Fluctuations in gravitational force,suspected tear in spacial fabric, point of origin pulse detected. Collision imminent. Recommended action abandon station" the volume and impact of the information sparking the prince of power into action "ETA on pulse collision" Pulling up his old communicator and calling to the last of the Champions some still around the base some doing their own thing on earth "This is Edward Windsor a major event is about to happen, a possible formation of a blackhole or tear is fabric of the universe just outside of the gravity of Mars. You guys know this isnt my area of expertise, but we got a job to do. Meet me at the following coordinates." Darting rapidly towards the last working teleporter shepherding the remaining champions out as the AI sparks into life again "Collision wave nearing surface" Shouting out one last time at the barmy computer the princes voice breaking from its usual formal tone "Active life signs in range?" , " 1 active lifesign..." the cold computerized tones coming to a pause as the world around the champion faded.

The dull grey's and blacks of the moon base vanishing and the bright warm light of the sun covering the champion as he pulled himself up from the ground and looked skywards towards the moon. A bright blue flare shimmering from it surface as the pulse broke over the former space station like a tidal wave.

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When heroes and universes collide

This is the first and most likely only open RP that will allow interaction between Prime and CVNU characters. As such the rules of the CVNU universe must be met if you wish to take part.

Any attempt to badly damage or destroy landmarks of the CVNU verse must as always go through the Council of Elders @andres_knightfall @mercy_ @lady_liberty

All participants are welcome to represent either universe in the conflict and standard battle rules will apply. As always no selling, god modding etc will neither be welcomed or worked with.

Any questions regarding the RP itself? feel free to PM myself on my @cassius_knightfall account,i will do my best to answer them for you.

Now please dust off your prime accounts, or get ready to faces some faces from the past.


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@talon_: The name reminds me of one of my old teammates on COP's she was a beast.

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@mercy_: I hear an Ellie return maybe on the cards. If you fancy doing something with Cass let me know.

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Fell at work. Cut my hand,finger, wrist, forearm and elbow. Not happy

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@quintus_knightfall: Kevin smith said it best "nobody suspects he would be a good batman character, kind of like nobody expects Bruce Wayne could be." I will wait and judge it by the film.

@mercy_ Agreed he is certainly the biggest issue for me as well. I kind of in vision it as a small step up from a Micheal bay superhero film lol