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@Caligula:  iam not trying to change the rules i stated he is hungry hes only hungry when he just wasked up its stated so in the films, once again are not basing you opinion on film fact   you should know that already if your gonna back the creeper to win. The question i possed earlier is that its stated again in jeepers creepers 1 that the creeper need healthy living parts to survive none of the people in this battle meet that requiremnt so all parts are useless to him. Yes pin head is considerably weaker in the real world but he was still capable of huge damage " see video"   an attack of this scale would cripple or completely destroy team 2
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@Caligula:  you obviously havent watched the films recently the more damage the creeper takes the more parts he needs to get healthy again , after a 25 year sleep he needs a certian amouht of kills to regain hes full strenght to be able to pass of the next 25 years, this fight starts with him having just woke up so he needs kills in order to stay at his best and then eat parts to repair andy damage he takes. IF he doesnt get the kills he requies before he rests again he gets weaker the next time he wakes up, he not eternal not even by a long shot
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1)  To be have elxirs powers
2) to have icemans powers
3) to start up a business healing people and reapiring global warmig for huge fees

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@Caligula:  he can die if he cant replace his destroyed parts and in this case as i said hows he gonna use the parts off undead guys? he kills the living to survive he cant regen complety without new parts. He needs the parts to survive thats the man premise of him waking up every 25 years to get the parts to carry on living , hes hungry cos hes just woken up and needs to get said parts like he does in the film
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@Caligula:  baring in mind pin head outside of hell went on a masscre in either hellraiser 2-3 in a nightclub killing hundreds with his chains at once and with all on the creeper easy win for pinhead
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@Caligula:  i have seen them all and yeah hes taken alot of damage but he didnt win easy 
@King Quisling: he would need to repair in this fight i think he could be badly damaged
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@Caligula:  rather easily lol , after he gets stapped up nearly drowned and hacked up with his on machete yeah real easy aslo freddie isnt dead hes still alive at the end of the battle so technically its a stalemate
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@Caligula:  he thought jason in the real world and done alot of damge to him 
@King Quisling:  yeah  a quote from the filsm synopsis 
"Gezelle tells them the true nature of the mysterious creature: it is an ancient demon known as " The Creeper", which rises every twenty-third spring for twenty-three days to feast on human body parts which, upon consumption, form part of its own body. " if he gets damaged he wont be able to repair easily
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i have all the show on the dvd and i think i film tieing up the whole invasion storyline is kinda needed to tie up the whole story really, its what i was hoping would be in last film before i was told was a monster of the week movie

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@King Quisling:  the creeper needs parts to heal thou right havested form his victim,s how the hell would he harvest anything he could use from a bunch of dead guys ? , freddie has killed outside of dream before and has fought people in the flesh on more than one occasion afetr being pulled from dreams or in the case of freddie vs jason , freddie is also cunning and much faster and previously stated than jason or myers.