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i like the load sound he does before firing , the camera dude i dont like thou lol

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this was ment to be a battle my bad

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i was thinking of doing a xfiles themed monster barttle but that may be difficult to argue lol

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@King Quisling:  the one that shoots cds is called dj lol i just did one called demons vs gods i may have stacked the odds to much for one side thou lol
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Due to the power advantage usualy being on the good side"the gods" the battle takes place in hell. The battle has to be resolved by death only and each member of the team has full range of there abilties that would work in said battleground,
Team Demon
Second age spawn
Ghostrider " full on bloodlust with complete mastery of  Zarathos's powers"
Pinhead " with 3 ceneobites DJ,Butterball &Chatterer and the abilty to turn fallen enemies into cenobites"
Team God

Thor "with Odinforce"
Ares " with axes x2 swords x2 and a shotgun" 

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@King Quisling:  yeah basicly he rebels but by doing so he becomes more affective at doing his job so i dont think even satan would mind that sinc eby disobeying him he makes more cenobites  and has the potential to train then to be more powerful affectly making his army much better .
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@King Quisling:  well in hellrasier  3 pinhead affectly has god like powers for awhile since he preety much un taps all his power potential , he could do so many different things where as the creepers only advantages are speed rgeen and strenght which all require close combat , where as the abilties pinhead have are better for defence from range. Yeah well the creeper is supposed to be a sort of urban legend/freak of nature where as pinhead is preety much a demon force but like spawn his humanity gives him an extra edge.
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@King Quisling:  yeah but he has hundreds and can read the creepers mind and know wher hes gonna dodge to , therefore using some as a dummy atatck and the rest to hit him with, he also managed to do basi illusion if i remember corerectly in the real world which also would help him out since he could trick the creeper which isnt the smartest member of a preety mindless team to be fair lol
Heres a section to describe pinheads power level in hellraiser 3 in which he spents most the majority on earth in human form , taken from wikipedia but since i have just watched the film i can honestly say its not bs
" When the Pinhead character's inhuman evil (Unbound Pinhead) manifests in the world in Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, it seems to have nearly unlimited and highly versatile powers. He could telekinetically control vast areas, transfer matter to different forms whether it be living or non living, create and control fire, animate objects, and the like. Towards the end of the film, Pinhead's human side suggests that he is no longer bound by the rules governing other Cenobites (suggesting others among them might have such power). "
he is a glass cannon but a very powerful glass cannon
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@MKF30:  freddie fought jason in the real world and stood toe to toe for awhile , and pin head massacres many people in the real world in the night club scene i posted , granted they are far weaker in the real world but there not without the abilty to do damage. Myers/jason and creeper are on same team. also i havent gone in to the fact that in hellrasier 3 when pinhead is on earth he shows the power to read peoples minds and thus be one step ahead in battle.
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classic simpsons , must kill moe weeee, must kill moe weeeee