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lol i dont see that happenong to be honest since all the people with natural powers so far has kept priginal looks , opnly mohinder with serum changed apperance its defo something they havent explored thou , i would like less weak ass peter and hiro and more future style bad ass versions to come back into play

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@RaDicalCannibal:  i do have to say thou the new series of heroes is showing promise right now,  compared to where it was . Since its last season of lost being set up anything less than being great would be a major disapointment  in my eyes
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the t-800 would rip sonny to pieces, by far the stronger and more duarable of the two and its designed to eliminate targets where as  Sonny isn't ,  targeting computer and use of military tactics stored in its artifical mind make this fight far to easy for Arnie. This is isnt even including the fact that the arnie model has defeated terminators with liquid parts meaning they have flexabilty which is off the charts in comparisiojn to a rigid structure.

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i like both , heroes has had a dip in form same with lsot there about equal in my opinion now the last season of lost was far better than last season of heroes pre season 4 i mean

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Storm isnt stronger than iceman , shes not Omega no feats can proove th otherwiset since shes not classified as such, and i hope she never will be. Fanboyish for storm on this site has gone crazy storm inst as powerfull when it comes to subatomic manipulation of water molecules its a simple fact.
 @Stormcell: in your own post you shot yourself in the foot it clearly states " near-infinite power" which is smaller than infinite power which any omgea class mutant giving the proper motovation is able to achieve with there abilties

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If you where to make your own comic deck of cards with a hero on  all four suits in each position from Ace-King " aces low" what would it be. 
Here's Mine
Ace's - Spawn
5- Jean Grey
6-Hal Jordan "Green Lantern"
7-Kitty Pride
8- Deadpool
9-Sue Storm
Jack- Gambit
Queen- Emma Frost
King- Magneto
Joker- Joker had to be really

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@Storm Calling:  if iceman wished for that lvl of power he would have it, if he wished for more he would have it ,hes omega he limits are his own . Storm has a powerlimit
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@Stormcell:  you seem to have no understand of basic science storm can do exothermic reactions meaning she exspells/can radiate heat  with abilties to some lvl, where as iceman is endothermic  to the extreme he cna freeze or remove heat via chilling anything due to the fact hes omgea class he has no limits but his own ,she is by no means anywhere near as powerful in this reguard more powers doesnt mean more powerfull
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@Storm Calling:  she isnt more powerful its a fact, she just have a wider range of abiltes storm cannot manipulate anything to the level bobby can with ice its simple fact hes omega she is not. And Please you must be kidding , if iceman wanted to freeze the whole of the usa he could so if he wanted to end  storm it would be over before she could blink. Sub-atomic freezing is something even she cant change, and no matter what she throws at bobby he wont die he only needs to destroy her body once
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@lazystudent said:
" seriously a man with zero powers vs a virtualy unstopable machete maniac , joker would get so pwned its not even funny "
iam quoting myself here but i think i could lose the word virtually , theres literaly no way joker can win without some serious help of some kind and even then i struggle to think who could actualy end jason once and for all