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The prince or power let out a broad smile as his apparent comrades trident tore through its intend target but then a sudden realisation hit him. Trying to floor this monster was folly, should it fall it would crush all that stood in its wake. Their game plan had to change this giant metallic weapons platform or whatever the hell it was needed to be taken apart methodically, forced to a more advantous battleground or worst case scenario held for as long as possible so the locals could be evacuated. Edwards thoughts surged rapidly through his mind as he tried to reaccess the situation and turn it to a better base for offence. His planning quickly coming to halt as his noticed a rapid change in temperature overhead, the robots great arms spitting flames sending a blast of jet propelled force towards the street. Windows cracking and shattering as the boom bounced around the buildings walls.

The robots giant hand moved skywards momentarily blotting out the sun in its wake and then it began to shoot towards the streets of Libya. "Sh*t" Edwards reaction was to run, he couldn't possibly hope to hold a blow of this magnitude up from the earth. But his mind moved on instinct beyond the conscious thought on a primal instinct for survival. Encompassing the giant hand as quickly as he could in as much energy as his fleeing mind could muster. Coating the hand in a focussed telekinetic shield like a glove, a dampener to the vast kinetic energy such a blow would have. Even if it lessened the strike by 10% it could save hundreds of people and give his allies a chance to strike back. Fist meeting floor sending the champion flying through a nearby wall, his head ringing as it bounced off the inside of his armour. A crater marking ground zero of the strike parts of the streets cascading into the vacant space where the road once was.

Pulling himself free form the rubble a spiderweb of tendrils suddenly started to fill the space around him. Their movement serpent like through the air, aggressively advancing on the prince as his clouded head started to clear. Dashing towards the mass of tangled and apparently sentient wires, reaching out his hands and gripping one firmly in his hand his fingers tensing as he crushed the flaying wire in his palm, a loud crunch as several tones of pressure crushed down and its apparent life force faded. Noticing the sudden loss of one of their brothers a flurry of wires pilling down on the prince. Edwards great speed all but useless as the swarm was all encompassing gripping him firmly across all of his being. A loud humming starting as the swam started to flare up a surge of heat and energy flowing all around him. Sparks arching to his armour his body held rigid as the swam continued to channel its current onto his stationary form.

Remaining passive for a few seconds the sparks faded and the serpent like wires began to loosen and move away. Perhaps their primitive minds couldn't comprehend the failure of electrifying an insulated suit. Waiting for an opening in the flow of moving wires the prince used a brief window to burst back into the fight. The towering robot needed to be dealt with swiftly this swarm of wires would allow him free reign of the streets and his comrades may not have faired as well with the attempted electrocution. Remembering his school education the prince utilised his great speed fleeing momentarily from the scene of the fight, first stopping at a nearby Internet cafe, a flurry of touch typing revealing a location of interest a Cryonics centre. Once again using his vast speed and borrowing a sealed container marked with hazardous logo. Moments passing as the Champion cannoned towards his opponent once more using his momentum to leap skyward towards the robots centre of mass his clenched fist slamming hard into the surface as he tried to pry an opening with hands. A small bubble of telekinetic energy at his side holding the tool of his true focus. A small gap in the robots skin would allow him to pour a container of liquid nitrogen into the recess. Should it be successful a simple strike would shatter the robots internal workings around the puncture, maybe hitting something vital.

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Fair from my best but i'am in.

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Ethiopa, Goba

Walking among the many sites and smells of the wednesday market, the prince of power took in once more all the wonders of the small town and its many merchants. Months of a slower pace of life helping the needy (on a more one to one basis) having served the former champion well. A feeling of content welling up inside the wondering royal as he looked through the delights of the stalls for his next meal. Smiling to a merchant as he selected some bread some honey and some dates, plenty to share with the other upon his return. Walking from the market back towards his lodgings Eddy walked by the local bar. A truely rustic place of weathered wood and aging second hand electrics, but with one oddly fully functional neon sign. With no intent to enter the prince caught a snippet of the news

"Looming threat in Libya" catching his ear Edward turned to face the screen. A huge metalic machine looming over the country now more than a short run from his current position. "Due to Libya's alleged deals with rebel factions and condemnation of UN's sanctions no outside aid will be forthcoming." The local newscasters delivery as even as usual, even with the weight of his words. Edward knew politics well, this statement was a death sentence. A threat of any credible nature would result in thousands millions even of innocents undefended. Their own army fighting its people, civil unrest stopping the rest of the world from stepping in. He knew what he had to do and he set off.

Libya ( moments later)

Finding a spare few seconds the prince of power once again pulled on his armour. His intent unclouded and his focus absolute. The robot falls the people are save from the outside threat then he will go to the political leaders himself and utalise some of his more political gifts.

Shortly finding himself in the shadow of the metal monster three eqaully strangely dressed people to his left on the shore line suddenly starting the fireworks as they attacked the giant beast. Edwards mind running through several plans on how bets to approach the task of fighting the metalic goliath in his path. His strenght could bend and break steel but that was alot of metal and would be a slow proccess far from ideal for a speedy resolution. A light sparking in his mind as the simple solution provided itself. Drown the machine Salt water into the electrics all that was needed was the skin to be punctured and then he could channel a flow of water through and into the heart of the machine. Running to the side of the other fighters Edward watched as one of his apperent allies launched a mighty trident at their enemies leg, the princes keen mind focussing on the flying weapon. His telekinetic prowess focusiing on the weapons movement, channeling a torrrent of energy to add yet more force to its flight. Running across the water sending a flow of water skywards under his rapid footsteps. Following the flighty trident ready to strike on any possible frailty the impact could have.

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The world turning begining to turn black as the champion faded. His mind suddenly sparking out of desperate desire. His arms no longer feeling heavy his strenghts surging back through him, something wasnt right the pain of his body spiking and fading. "Illusions. You will have to do better than that. My mind isnt so easily broken" Wiping the blood from his face his body having made the pain real, but now reparing itself under the true light of the situation. His mind in anger reaching out in all directions looking for a brain pattern he didnt recognise as an allie. His mind incircling it within seconds, his body still pulling itself back together gather energy after the substancial blood loss.

Pulling himself to his feet the Champion stummbled in its direction as he brought a mental torrent cascading down on the mind of his target. A flurry of heavy telepathic strikes breaking his opponents concetration shattering his focus and his protection. Stiking repatively at the mind of his enemy till he could feel them beging to fade into unconsciousness themselves. Edwards assult stopping just as he felt his opponent crumble, "Boy did you pick the wrong horse" the mental assult combined with the blood loss leaving Eddy slightly light headed. But The prince having mustered enough strenght to move unhindered once more grabbing his opponent by the ankle and drag him towards his newly located allies.

"I got one." finding Blair and Micheal before wipping the reamining blood from his face.

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Releasing a statement via the champions Youtube page Edward livestreamed his responce to the attacks in the USA

" The champions of peace stand for the equal treatment of all people mutants and humans alike. This militant action is a crime and our support will be given to the people of the united states at this time. However i will not fight against the people your country has oppresed. This conflict has been brought about by fear mongering and the recent line of presidents not doing what they should have. The mutant issue as it has be dubbed has become this generations apartheid, a rift has been driven between the state and its people. Mutantkind and powered individuals deserve the same freedoms as any other citizen and i shall not fight for a cause that doesnt honor this. I speak for not only myself but other champions who will not betray their own in order to help people who created the problem for themselves.

For thoose of you who have had to be evacuated from the conflict zone, you will recieve our protection and our supplies. Which are already on their way. But for thoose of you whom would continue to enforce the persecution of anyone different from yourself you deserve a wake up call its the twenty first century."

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Edward also found himself in the sewers. The prince thought parts of the city where in a bad way but this ancient runoff looked like the city had an impacted colon. It smealt worse than anything he could even imagine. The small gaps in his amour allowing the foul strench to almost permiate into the skin around his mouth and nose. It aura was truely nauseating, this was part of Madros's plan no doubt. The vile villians fact file flashing through the champions mind, Madros was a manipulator and he was trying to mask something by bringing the fight here. Presuming it was the same Madros or they where cut from the same cloth. The champions train of thought suddenly trailing off as he heard a voice a cold disembodied echo of impossibilty "Hello Brother". Shadows shifted around him taking form bringing the nightmares of the princes dreams to life. Arthur Windsor.

"It, it cant be. Your dead." The ghostly form of the long dead and derranged Windsor advancing towards Edward "Death is but a door, time is but a window Eddy. Now to continue our last conversation... where was i" Arthurs outline vanishing leaving a blanket of shadow once again a haunting nothingness hitting the champions before the pain. His body struck dumb and solid as if each muscle was locked in a vice. "Tell me brother how do you strangle the life out of smething that has no shape?. Now my dear sibling i shall show you the true nature of pain and vengence." A loud scream echoing around the rotting cesspit around the prince as his every fibre started to ache in mind shattering agony, a torrent of blood running from every feature of the prince of powers face. His vision now obscured by the casscading crimson fluid pouring from his tearducts. Spluttering through the pools of blood at the back of his throat Edwarded tried to call out "Help".

His breath wearing thin as his chest remained motionless his mighty muscles held by the mercy of Arthurs malice. Edwards body starved of oxygen begining to fade out of consiousness.

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@satine: The wheels are already in motion.

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@satine: This will be the trigger that sets Cass off to defcon 3.

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Counting down the time to Sophia starts calling Lucien "Puddin"