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The world turning begining to turn black as the champion faded. His mind suddenly sparking out of desperate desire. His arms no longer feeling heavy his strenghts surging back through him, something wasnt right the pain of his body spiking and fading. "Illusions. You will have to do better than that. My mind isnt so easily broken" Wiping the blood from his face his body having made the pain real, but now reparing itself under the true light of the situation. His mind in anger reaching out in all directions looking for a brain pattern he didnt recognise as an allie. His mind incircling it within seconds, his body still pulling itself back together gather energy after the substancial blood loss.

Pulling himself to his feet the Champion stummbled in its direction as he brought a mental torrent cascading down on the mind of his target. A flurry of heavy telepathic strikes breaking his opponents concetration shattering his focus and his protection. Stiking repatively at the mind of his enemy till he could feel them beging to fade into unconsciousness themselves. Edwards assult stopping just as he felt his opponent crumble, "Boy did you pick the wrong horse" the mental assult combined with the blood loss leaving Eddy slightly light headed. But The prince having mustered enough strenght to move unhindered once more grabbing his opponent by the ankle and drag him towards his newly located allies.

"I got one." finding Blair and Micheal before wipping the reamining blood from his face.

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Releasing a statement via the champions Youtube page Edward livestreamed his responce to the attacks in the USA

" The champions of peace stand for the equal treatment of all people mutants and humans alike. This militant action is a crime and our support will be given to the people of the united states at this time. However i will not fight against the people your country has oppresed. This conflict has been brought about by fear mongering and the recent line of presidents not doing what they should have. The mutant issue as it has be dubbed has become this generations apartheid, a rift has been driven between the state and its people. Mutantkind and powered individuals deserve the same freedoms as any other citizen and i shall not fight for a cause that doesnt honor this. I speak for not only myself but other champions who will not betray their own in order to help people who created the problem for themselves.

For thoose of you who have had to be evacuated from the conflict zone, you will recieve our protection and our supplies. Which are already on their way. But for thoose of you whom would continue to enforce the persecution of anyone different from yourself you deserve a wake up call its the twenty first century."

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Edward also found himself in the sewers. The prince thought parts of the city where in a bad way but this ancient runoff looked like the city had an impacted colon. It smealt worse than anything he could even imagine. The small gaps in his amour allowing the foul strench to almost permiate into the skin around his mouth and nose. It aura was truely nauseating, this was part of Madros's plan no doubt. The vile villians fact file flashing through the champions mind, Madros was a manipulator and he was trying to mask something by bringing the fight here. Presuming it was the same Madros or they where cut from the same cloth. The champions train of thought suddenly trailing off as he heard a voice a cold disembodied echo of impossibilty "Hello Brother". Shadows shifted around him taking form bringing the nightmares of the princes dreams to life. Arthur Windsor.

"It, it cant be. Your dead." The ghostly form of the long dead and derranged Windsor advancing towards Edward "Death is but a door, time is but a window Eddy. Now to continue our last conversation... where was i" Arthurs outline vanishing leaving a blanket of shadow once again a haunting nothingness hitting the champions before the pain. His body struck dumb and solid as if each muscle was locked in a vice. "Tell me brother how do you strangle the life out of smething that has no shape?. Now my dear sibling i shall show you the true nature of pain and vengence." A loud scream echoing around the rotting cesspit around the prince as his every fibre started to ache in mind shattering agony, a torrent of blood running from every feature of the prince of powers face. His vision now obscured by the casscading crimson fluid pouring from his tearducts. Spluttering through the pools of blood at the back of his throat Edwarded tried to call out "Help".

His breath wearing thin as his chest remained motionless his mighty muscles held by the mercy of Arthurs malice. Edwards body starved of oxygen begining to fade out of consiousness.

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@satine: The wheels are already in motion.

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@satine: This will be the trigger that sets Cass off to defcon 3.

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Counting down the time to Sophia starts calling Lucien "Puddin"

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"I have to correct you guy , my champions didnt fail in my world the world failed them. Nothing can be learned from the problems we faced there as they came from forces outside of our control. Try as me did they where insurmountable. Many members had their own objectives and we parted on good terms as they went after their own targets. Some juts vanished and we simply couldnt find them. The only advice i have of any merit for you is to watch your people closely, protect them and when needs be kick their ass. The rest i'am sure you have already."

"Sorry if you where expecting more sage council Guy, but dont hestitate to call on me should you need an extra head. I am always happy to help." Edward stood and offered his new boss a hand "To the new Champions"

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"Its a lighter work load. But thats good. I spent to long behind the desk, i'am still commited to the team just sick of the paperwork you know?." Smiling before adding"Its still early for you, you have any questions for me?. I think my standing and effort speak for themselves"

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