The many Looks of Lazy (Blog post)

So basicly  i thought it would be kinnda fun to make a blog dedicated to showing a sort of time line of the last 6 years of my life in terms of how i have changed apperence wise/ i also helps me alittle towards my picture upload quest lol. I warn you in advance I was at Uni during this peroid and that peroid was bascily my personal 1980s in terms of style, retro is cool thou right?. Lets begin

^This was taken the day before i left for  Uni notice the short styled hair and tinniest ammount of stubble lol. This did not last long, also no glasses i could see properly lol!

Fast Foward almost a year of uni and bam long hair, and yes i wore an alice band all the time i feel i carried it off.  One of the best photos of me i reckon. A pic of me in a shirt an tie is rarer than Asguardian hammers.

The growth Continued  i even allowed a friend to plat it as you can see , thankfully i didnt have this for more than the afternoon. The pink band to much?

Not happy with already having a mop for hair i started the beard project , a most unwise move but i pressed on. Sadly that Ghostbusters poster was destroyed i ripped it when i was drunk and fell down the wall lol.

This was the Begining of what was known as the messiah phase by my friends , and the what was i thinking peroid by me lol.  I was rung by the archbishop of Canterbury when i looked like this afetr my mate Mat entered me  in a contest to be jesus in an easter parade thing i politly declined.

Thankfully i got the razors out eventually, thou i had to use scissors first before i could use it. Funny story was actually garden shears since we lost the scissors ah student living.

With the beard gone i felt i was missing something, so i trained my eyes not to work so well and so the glasses came in. For some reason we apperntly had an orange light in my studnet living room i obviously didnt notice till after this.

Becoming slightly more presentatble again i once again chopped the locks down. The permistubble started to come in as well,  You will also noticed this is when the lazystudnet persona began along with my psn account of the same name.

Tux tshirt

Before finally Getting to this my current and  Start of comicvine look , i have changed alot no?  shame i didnt time it right could of been an extra in Thor with the beardy look . Hope you enjoyed the random journey of the Looks of Lazy and this hasnt been just  a sort of vain  quest seeking blog of randmoness, comments below  guys cheers for checking it out.
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Posted by Omega Ray Jay

It's reminiscent of the many regenerations of a Time Lord, whats next teeth and curls? lol 

Posted by EdwardWindsor

lol Iam english i already have the teeth

Posted by The Umbra Sorcerer

Nice. it's kinda cool to see how people change over time

Posted by EdwardWindsor

Yeha its kind of weird comparing first to last lol

Posted by The Psyentist
@lazystudent said:
" lol Iam english i already have the teeth "
Oh, no!

Hahaha. Great blog. ^_^
Posted by EdwardWindsor

Dont worry they arent taht bad lol just playing on stereotype