Scouring the scorched earth- (Prime) Alternative future Open RPG

First there was the event, then the chaos and finally the fall. The event took us all by surprise the chaos was beyond our ability to control and fall was inevitable we where stretched to far and to thin. We all did the best we could but it wasn't good enough. The sky the sea and cities all burned the flames torching it all, leaving only this charred dust. The remnants of our civilization all but gone the survivors now more feral monsters than men our technologies spent and our resources near depleted.

It was now the time of every man for himself, former allies and enemies fighting for what little control can be had in these dark times, wars over scrap metal and murder for near spent batteries. And in the midst of it all was an old weary warrior king. His body beginning to fail him after years of valued service but he wasn't dead yet and he still had things to do, if he could hold out.

Now he had but one mission left in him try to make the east coast and see his homeland one last time. He's knees no longer able to handle the continued speed in which they once abused he would now walk the wastelands in search of a way home.

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(This is kind of an open Blog, if nobody drops by will just do it on my own)

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@nerx: (Cool , will post something later this week to get ball rolling)

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@kiddevil: (Just drop in whenever post will be up over weekend since it will be a sizeable opening post)

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Badass man. This might be the last refuge :P

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@edwardwindsor: (Sounds awesome can't wait I do have a question though did Edward ever become king of england?)

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@quintus_knightfall: Most likely, just wanted to write with Eddy in something.

@kiddevil: in terms of regular continuity no, but in this i will touch on it.

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Digging the post apocalyptic vibe. Good luck with this man.

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2 AM San Andreas Sands

"No,no,no NOOOOOOO!" the sound of heavy breathing following the mumbled dreaming screams of the former champion. Every night it was the same the faceless ghosts of the people around him, the light and then the dust. Pulling himself up out of his sleeping hole Edward looks at the remnants of the fire the visions of the carnage still dancing at the fringes of his mind their screams beginning to fade as his mind comes back to the waking world.

Reaching into his battered rucksack he pulls out the last of his water. iI was still to dark to travel and it was ice cold in the desert wasteland, with nothing left to burn it was gonna be another 4 sleepless hours till the burning sun would rise. The world was now a land of extremes dust clouds and ice cold breezes ruled the night and scolding breathless heat the day. The battle scared armor of the old champion barely took the edge of the nights bitter air and in the day it roasted him like the tin man, but the only thing worse than the weather where the people.

"Up there you see it, light"

"Get ready guys we have a live one"

Frantically shoving all his gear into his battered bag and pulling back into the shadows Edward watched as the scouts approached. His hand resting on his belt on the only weapon he had left his ancient sword.

"The fires still burning and the prints only go in further. Whatever made this fire is still here"

Three people, two armed one in some form of chain mail. His legs no longer able to handle their former speed for long especially on uneven footing and facing a frontal assault would mean he would likely die from dehydration before he would recover fully. It left only one option. His mind and body move as one still hidden in the shadows of the cave the two armed solider suddenly screaming as they feel their bodies seize as their guns float over the third target.


The forms of two of the men fall into the dust their blood pooling in the sands turning it a dark brown. Screaming for mercy the third scout falls to his knees as Edward echoed around from the shadows "You didn't see anything, now go and leave their stuff"

(More later/tomorrow probably)