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Name: Edward Arthur C Windsor "C stands for Century or 100"

Nicknames: Project Windsor, prince of power

Age: 25

Alias: Project Windsor, Iron Duke

Height: 5 " 9

Weight: 220 pounds

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Birth Place: England, London

Specialization:Speed Blitzing , Mind assault and general H2H/armed combat


My name is Edward. I am named after a father i never had, killed by terrorists before i was born. In his stead i was raised by the aids of my mother. I say mother I've known since i was a child that unlike most people i wasn't born i was made/manufactured for a purpose. This Purpose was originally a dark one, to seek out and destroy enemies of my mothers nation. A goal i refused to honor, i offered my mother and her nation my protection but never was willing to be its soldier. My body was made to serve my mothers kingdom and wishes, so i had to honor this is some way at least as its guardian.

I spent everyday of my life from the age of four till this very day working on besting myself in order to offer others the chance to live normal lives with their families. My home while lush with pleasantries was still a broken one , i had no real father figure just trainers and teachers. My mother saw me a handful of times a year mostly when she needed my protection or to make an appearance and check on the process my siblings and i where making. My siblings like me where all created all ninety nine of them, and we where often put against one another in various forms of testing to encourage competition and to improve our training. My brothers/sisters and i only came together for combat training and classes. The girls where stationed at Balmoral castle (see left) and the boys Windsor (see right).

While to you i assume these Places seem magical and pleasant , they where essential nothing but a prison to myself and my siblings. From ages four to eleven i studied seven hours a day, and had martial arts and athletics for two hours a day. Then from eleven to eighteen i did physical training and ability based placement training for fourteen hours a day. The ability placed training regime consisted of like powered siblings sparing our skills till one submitted or was unable to spar any longer. Upon my 18th birthday i was selected by a board of trainers as the person best suited to protect mother, not because i was the most powerful or the most cunning or even the best technically. I was selected for one reason only i was one hundred percent loyal.


{ The following information below is stolen from my MI5 restricted files}

File: Windsor , Edward

Known Abilities- Telepathy. Trained in mind infiltration and thought extraction as well as psi combat including partial brain paralysis attacks on multiple areas of the brain.

Telekinesis- Has demonstrated the ability to lift and crush objects with around 5 metric tons of force as well as complex tasks such as lock picking and sword fighting with great control.

Super Speed- Clocked at running mach 2 or 1522 mph, at full speed he creates a miniature sonic boom and is to fast to spot or hear until he has stopped or the boom reaches you.

Healing Factor- Can consciously repair any potentially fatal body injury within a matter of a day or so depending on severity. Reports of repairing from bullet and knife wounds are in the minutes and broken bones in hours.

Agility and Reactions- has years of performance and martial arts training enabling reactions and agility far greater than a normal human due to his superior genetics. Demonstrated the ability to perform advanced acrobatic combat maneuvers to dodge firearms from point black range and react and counter attacks within microseconds.

Equipment and Allies

Body Armour - State of the art made of a fine weave of man made spider thread. Is stronger than steel and capable to stopping multiple bullets and puncture wounds to the body with ease . Incredibly strong durable and can be stretched and shrunk to fit even to the extremes of body alterations. The suit is one piece gloves and socks in built on both sides. (Always wears)

Boots- Generic military grade boots customized , heel's contain a small emergency medication kit a GPS and small breathing apparatus (Always wears)

Ring Of Raphael- This silver ring is worn on right hand under the suit ,it remains beneath Edwards armor and always in contact with his skin. This Mystic artifact is empowered by Magic unknown rumored Avalonian in origin. According to folklore as long as this Ring is in contact with skin the wearer is immune to demonic possession control and their soul can never be claimed by hell. Rumors also that's it returns souls of the worthy back to the body for resurrection upon death.

Rumored to have been worn by several champions including King Arthur, Richard the lionheart and even Robin Hood. ( Wheres often as a keepsake)

Sacred Spirit Sword "alias the Blue Flame"- A potent magical sword that's infused with powers specifically designed to hurt and possibly kill angelic and demonic beings. The swords blue gem lights and heats up when threats are near. The magical blue fire that springs from the sword enables the person wielding it to attack not only the body of a target but their soul or spirit itself. A heavy strike will damage both body and soul, the fire is said to harm anything that has or has had a soul including souls themselves.

The second of the fabled swords of Avalon after Excalibur and before the more mysterious Dawn bringer Unlike the other two famous swords, this was forged by man and empowered by the Mage of Avalon. Its metal may not be as strong as the likes of it brothers but it handles all of their weaknesses and is considered the equal of Excalibur as a result. ( only carries when he feels he may need it)

General threat assessment of Edward Windsor to the British Empire is slim due to his continued allegiance, however several of the items/powers in his possession we see as possible threats to the safety of the nation if they fall into the wrong hands. Recommended actions include regular briefings and video surveillance.

General James Cannon Head of National threats department

Teams and history after leaving the UK

After a few years of serving his home nation as its solo guardian fighting off various threats from within and outside the kingdom, a truly horrible event happened that altered his perceptions of the kingdom itself. One of Edwards many siblings had gone rogue leaving in his wake a trail of devastation along with the bodies of most of his other siblings. The once many children of the Windsor Project where now down to only two Edward and his elder brother Arthur , one day of madness has wiped out 98% of the projects work and 98% of Edwards family.

This event dramatically damaged Edwards views on the kingdom and his remaining family. His mother made no comment about the loss of her " children" she never even informed Edward of the events that had taken place while he was away on a mission. This loss of faith in the system he was raised lead Eddy down a road to which he could see only one exit, leave and make a life for himself elsewhere doing as little as possible for the system which had once defined him. So he left and went to America in search of heroes like himself in order to do good elsewhere. After awhile he joined a team, then another once that team disbanded and so on to this day. Edward served as a member of the following teams

  • Vine Titans West
  • The CODA
  • Champions of Peace
  • Justice League

During his time in America Edward has been plagued by visits from Arthur his only remaining brother. Edward quite rightly loathed the very mention of Arthur and saw him as the cause of all the horrors in his life. Arthur having destroyed the family he swore to protect had made him loss faith in his family and himself and this lead to many battles whenever they came face to face. The conflict was brought to a head in the events of storm in a tea cup. Leaving Edward a changed man in more ways the one.

Various Events outside of main stream Vine universe

Alternative (Ninjan) Universe

Edward like everybody else has multiple versions of himself living throughout the multiverse. The Edward of the Ninjan universe is very different to his mainstream counter part. While his name and very much all of his powers and history are the same there are many vast differences. Due to his Father raising him instead of his mother he is much more competitive and has driven his powers in new directions. Thanks to this different upbringing and his training he is permanently shielded with a thin Telekinetic safety shield and has focused his telekinetic abilities well enough so he can sustain both his shield and have the ability to make himself fly. However the rest of his abilities are identical.

Edward of this universe spends most of his time protecting Britain and its allies from global threats, such as alternative project Windsors programs, military engagements and acts or terrorism. He is supplied with tech form MI5 which has accumulated some of the worlds best scientists in order to safeguard the nation and its friends abroad, with the best technological equipment on Earth. He Is known to be his worlds first Manufactured superhuman and has no secret identity to speak of. Being the first known Super on his planet as well as being the only son of the current king means, hes life is under constant review by the media. Hence he is also a much better public speaker and socialite than his mainstream counter part as well.

Very little else is know about Edward of this counter universe but more will be revealed when the information is available.

Non Rpg Vineverse

Lazystudent By Tonis

< This is a submission to the design a Lazystudent costume by Tonis. Here Edward Windsor the prince of power has been shown to be a bad ass cyber biker. This version of Edward is rocking head to toe armor and unlike his mainstream vine counter part has several style patterns on the go, including fire stripes union jack boots and awesome tron like under armor.

Lazystudent By Payno

>This is Payno's entry to the same contest. Imagine if you will a young student part time hero part time study fiend mix alittle of marvels Cannonball in and you get this. And excellent design with sleek lines and colour scheme perfect as an under lab jacket student costume but also styled for battle.

Lazystudent By MSFeathers

< Mix if you will the sleek and casual style of Asian school uniform with the slight added geekishness of glasses and throw in some good demonstration on power and we have this Brilliant version of Lazystudent submitted by M.S.Feathers. "Love the touch of the glasses its quite me."

Lazystudent By DomDom

>Last but not Least is this smart casual superhero entry by DomDom. This Lazystudent mixes smart work clothes with a strong heroic colour scheme for the perfect all in in one outfit, why have a costume switch at all if you don't need to. A striking combination of jumpsuit and tie taht very heroes could pull off i think but this proves lazy can.