Even though what we do is wrong. Part 2

United Airways.

“Maaaan….these n!ggas tryna hold me back” he sat uncomfortably in-between two children; one had a really snotty nose; the other a flatulence problem. He’d done an expert job of avoiding the sticky fingers, and the wild spit flying from their mouths; but the moment he smelled fart, he couldn’t do anything but sit there and take it.

“The next time one of these kids farts, I’m going to put a flame on dat ass” {Look on the bright side, you’ll be paid once you land} it wasn’t hard to forget; he’d been broke since being put on leave. “Yeah I know, the very first thing Imma do is hit the strip club.”

His chain of command didn't know how to address the matter; they thought it best if he were gone for a few days. They wanted to chapter him out honorably, but he resisted.

From the corner of his eye, he could make out a brunette eying him. She had been eying him for a while now; he hadn’t paid attention to it; because of the nasty little brats he was positioned between. {You seem to have attracted the attention of a wild one} “I know, I’m going to tear that ass up”

{I was actually talking about the child} Sean, glanced down to see the young girl eying him inquisitively. “WHAT THE FCK YOU LOOKIN AT” his powerful voice caused her to snap back almost instantly. “Sh!t, tired of these little brats” he rose from his seat, smacking the little boy in the back of the head en-route to bathroom; he could make out the faint tears from afar.

{Don’t look now, but you’re being followed} Jeeves voice was animated, and full of glee. Sean turned to see the milf strutting directly behind him. {YEEAAAAAH BOIIII} Jeeves chimed in, as Sean entered the small bathroom.

The small framed woman entered right after him and quickly began unbuckling his pants. {She gon teach you a few things!} His eyes bulged, this woman was downright nasty; and he liked it.{Whoa what she doing?!} Somewhere in-between being incredibly nasty, and Sean’s pleasure; things took a turn.

Instead of the orgasmic grunting and melodic knocking; Sean found himself trying to wrestle a probing device from the woman. {It’s a Dick, she tryna give you the D, RUN!” “I’M TRYING I’M TRYING!” their quarrel was somewhat silent; their plan begin to hit turbulence; which drew the attention of the passengers.

“Stand still!” {The fck I am!}

Launching back, he hit the woman with a powerful head-butt, dropping her quick. “WHAT THE FCK WAS THAT!?” he said, wiping the woman’s blood from his forehead. {Check her person} Digging in the woman’s small pockets, he found an APEX Industries.

{It would appear, Ms.Price has been keeping an eye on you.} Peeking his head out the door, careful not to cause too much attention to himself; he quickly scooted back towards his seat, giving no indication that he had just beat up some broad in the bathroom.

Long Beach California.

“My assessment of him shows, he’s not entirely incompetent; he scored a 98% for defensive strategy; he thinks pretty well on his feet” Paige said, standing before the Apex Industries board of directors.

“What about the money, how much of it did he spend on Rose and Jordans?” one of the larger men interrupted with obnoxious laughter.

“I-I-am, actually not sure if he purchased anything yet” her words were hushed; by the sounds of the laughing board members. “Oh you didn’t know? Your competent friend, spent almost 100,000 dollars today, our GPS is tracking him right now; at a strip club in Southwest Philaphelphia.”

Frustration built on Paige’s face, how could she allow this huge oversight to go unnoticed. “Ms. Price you are excused from this project; come back next week so we can talk about your future here at Apex Industries.

The walk to the elevator was a depressing one, her father had spent years working on this project; and now she wouldn’t be able to see it finished. On the depressing walk towards the elevator, she attempted to contact Sean to see what exactly he had bought; the phone rang a few times before she gave up.

“Janice.” [Yes Ms.Price] “I want you to book a flight to Philadelphia ASAP. [Roger that].

Southwest Philadelphia

Sean entered the club with a blunt dangling from his mouth, the club was completely hazy; he could only make out the flashy pasties the dancers had clipped to their nipples.

For some weird reason, he had the song “all night long” in his head. {ALLLLLLLL NIIIIIIIIIIIGHT LONG}”JEEVES!” {What it seems appropriate for this type of environment} Sean casually walked through the crowded club, maneuvering in a way only he could; around every broad shoulder muscular man, but on a collision course with every piece of ass in his way.

Sitting at the round table, he dug in his pockets for the little bit of money he did have. “Yoooo I think imma by me a Tahoe! {Yo n!gga them space jam Jordans come out next week!]

“SH!!!!!TT!” His attention was diverted to a woman that climbed on his table. “You say no to ratchet p**” Sean Smith can’t!” he tossed, a multitude of bills equating to a total of 300 dollars.As the night progressed Sean consumed maybe 13 shots of patron, and had all his ethnic fantasies fulfilled by the dancers.

“Alright, it’s time for you to go!” A bouncer said, pushing his forearm against Sean’s chest aggressively. The drunken solider rose to his feet pushing off; to subsequentially fall back down.“I aint out here tryna fight a n!gga, I’m shooting!” Sean screamed, reaching for his pistol. {Um…wtf are you doing}

“Looking for my b!tch” {We don’t have one…} “WHAT!?” {You aint about that life} “Fck…” Sean’s face quickly met the floor after being knocked senseless by the monstrous bouncer.

{DAMN he rockabyed ya ass}

A few hours later

He slowly stirred from his sleep, drool ran down the side of his mouth, but it was Paige kicking him that fully woke him up. “Sh!t, I feel asleep out here, I must’ve really been tired.” His jaw was throbbing, thanks to his powerful hangover he couldn’t complexly open his eyes.

“What the fck do you want?” he asked sluggishly, he couldn’t judge Paige’s demeanor, but after her first kick smashed against his head; he realized she wasn’t fcking around.

“What the hell did you spend One hundred thousand dollars on?” he rolled over on his side wincing in pain. “I didn’t spend it on anything…” Paige pressed her heel against his temple, his “antics” were going to cost her; her job.

{I did it}

“What you!” Sean screamed, still flailing from Paige pump. {Yes, I looked into this “apex Industries”, it’s a public company that goes under a different name} Jeeves reported. “What did you buy?” {I bought the majority of the shares}

“Genius” Paige praised, slowly removing her heel from Sean’s head. “{Oh yes, I also took the liberty of looking into your past; I know that whole racist act is a test for Sean. Your last boyfriend was a Black man; AND you went to an HBCU} Jeeves continued, confusing both Paige and Sean.

“Wait how did you do all of that?” {That’s my secret} “I thought we were boys Jeeves” {we are, that’s why I prefer not to tell you.}

“Ok, can we leave this alleyway; and you need a shower” Paige interrupted, trying her hardest not to notice the bums littered throughout the alley.

The drive up North Broad was dominated by suffocating silence; Paige turned her head a few times to say something, but she changed her mind last minute.

“Sooo, what was the deal with the lady on the plane?” Sean asked, tilting his head just slightly. “What lady on a plane?” Paige responded simply lost. “You know, the lady and the dick?”

“The ladies name was dick?”

{No the lady HAD a dick}

“She was a tranny?”

“NO!!!! The lady on the plane tried to fck me with a dildo!!” Sean screamed, listening to Paige and Jeeves go back and forth angered him. His outburst might’ve cost him some street cred, as the driver of the car; looked at him in the rearview disgusted.

“I didn’t send a woman after you…” {Just what I thought} Jeeves had been keeping his mouth shut the whole time; but it appeared as if his hunch had been correct.

{The woman that attacked you on the plane had an Apex Industries admin badge; if she was an admin} “She would’ve been in first class” His hands ran across his chin, trying to piece together what this all could mean.

“So, the lady was a hitman; sent by whom?” Paige asked, wondering who knew Sean was being brought into Apex. {What about the board members? As far as the military knows; Sean is on leave, Paige is here.}

“Jeeves you’re right” Paige was the only other person; that knew Sean was going to be on that plane, “They’re trying to kill you” Paige paused for a moment, her eyes fell on the lone shopping cart in the middle of the street. “Now, I KNOW I’m in the hood” she whispered.

“Good luck with that” He said, exiting the vehicle; Philly was noisy, it is gritty, but also full of art, great food, culture, and exciting things. “I missed this fcking city” he said, paused for a moment and allowed the smell of bums and fatty foods to entertain his nostrils.

“You came all the way here from L.A to tell me someone was going to kill me?” Sean said, removing her shirt instantly. “No, I came here to kick your ass, I THOUGHT you blew through one hundred thousand dollars in a night”


“Oh it’s possible” on first glance around his apartment, she could tell he had a certain affinity for art. “So are you a Basqiaut kind of guy?” he turned, with a hard smirk. “Yes, I am; but that’s a Penck”.

“Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love; what made you come back here; I heard a great influx of your family are southern.” She asked, again taking a seat on his plush sofa. Sean moved towards the bathroom; squatting on the toilet, he took a sh!t with the door open.

“Philadelphia is my birthplace, the forgotten metropolis. Every one of those so-called heroes flaunt their talents; in L.A and New York; but they don’t ever talk that heroic sh!tright here in little Afghanistan” he said, wiping sweat from his forehead.

“Oh my god are you taking a dump?” {That he is} “I couldn’t hold this sh!t in much longer” he said, straining.

Wiping the pit of his ass, and spraying Lysol, Sean returned to the common area; sitting adjacent from the redhead. “How was it downrange?” Civilians typically liked to hear all the hardcore sh!t the military does down range, which all make for pretty good stories; however not everyone has the same experience down range.

“It sucked ass, bunch of details and, stupid change of command ceremonies; oh and our dickhead first sergeant.”Leaning back with her hands bowed behind his head, something was on his mind; something he had been pondering since they met up.

“Jeeves bought out the majority of Apex’s shares, which means I control what’s going on right?” The redhead returned an intrigued stare, before answering his question.

“Yes I suppose you’re right, why?”{I don’t think they every expected you to use their money, to buy them out of a job}. “Jeeves must’ve got money from somewhere else.” Paige replied, focusing her attention back on Sean.

“We’re going to go forward with this privately owned prison idea, it’ll put us on the map; but I’m going to target the muthafkas that need to be in there; The rapist, the molesters, the corporate thugs.” He said, rising to his feet. “And you Ms. Price… you’re going to help me” he extended her hand towards her helping her rise to her feet.

“…Of course…” it was as if she involutinarly let out a whisper. {Oooohhhhhh booiiiiiii} Paige grabbed Sean’s hand, and moved closer; he was the reason she was still employed, well technically it was Jeeves, but they weren’t going to get involved with technicalities.

Tilting her head to the side, Sean plastered his monstrous lips on the fragile woman; he engulfed her in an embrace.

A few moments later

“You want a sandwich or sum? He asked, with red stained eyes. Paige was visibly disappointed, Sean enticed her with his antics but didn’t live up to the hype when challenged. {Its ok, buddy; you were down range for 9 months iwouldntletthatshithappento me THO!}.

Paige turned over using her disappointment as a catalyst for sleep, Sean on the other hand; was satisfied and about to be well rested.


Even though what we do is wrong. Rated E for Editman

(This is the first of a 10 part series.)

Not everyone starts out with a typical hero intro, dead parents; some weird natural phenomenon; or a multi-million dollar company financing state of the art technology. Sometimes the complete a$$holes, the idiots, the socially inert; are placed in situations to where their entire livelihood comes down to a simple decision.

He could hear some incoherent chatter, his captors were very careful not to reveal any sensitive information about their locale. Not that he could decipher it anyways, his mind quickly tried to analyze the last few segments leading to his capture.

The mask, which turned out to be a potato sack; was finally removed from his head, standing across from him were armed terrorist, looking to negotiate with the U.S. Before fear could set in, he began laughing hysterically.

“Yall fcked up, not only did you kidnap a private; but yall kidnapped a BLACK private! They aint coming to get my black-ass!”

The nearest gunmen butt checked him with his rifle; his head jerked forcefully to the left before; he rest it spitting out a pint of his own blood in the process. “I really should’ve finished that damn SERE training.” The terrorist once again began shouting in some gibberish.

Thinking quickly, he moved back and forth, trying to get is IR patches exposed; this would aid anyone who MIGHT attempt to save him to locate his IR.

His platoon had been moving through Egypt in an attempt to locate a source of information; it was just like the army to send a whole platoon of soldiers into a mission without giving them the whole scope. Not that he would’ve paid attention anyways, his LT had the fattest ass; he’d stand at attention all day for a piece of it.

His coasting off coast him dearly, the blunt end of the weapon smashed against his mandible knocking him out.

{Wake up Sean} “Hu…Jesus?” {Not Quite}

The slit of his eye’s opened to see the floor, suspended from his ankles high above the room; tried to flail to safety.

{Because falling from 10 feet head first is a good idea} the voice responded this time in a sardonic manner. “Wait…who the fck said that!” his head snapped around the room looking for another person, there was no one.

{My name is Jeeves} “Jeeves? Cutting it kind of close don’t you think?” {Copyrights, what can I say}.

{I’m an artificial intelligence, programmed deep into your sub conscious} “My subconscious is a presumably white British man?”

{Your fantasy, not mine}.

“Alright Jar-veeesss, how do I get down?” with blood rushing to his head, the feeling of vertigo set in. “Oh sh!t imma throw up…”

{Calm down help is on the way} Jeeves instructed. {Press your palm against the ropes, and when I say when; breathe}



{I said breathe!}


Sean’s hand erupted in flames, burning him in the process. “fck! He screamed, falling to the floor below. “Next time, Imma need a better explanation…” {No time for that, your fall will have alerted the guards, get up against the wall.} Sean did so, the eccentric way; doing a combat roll he hit the side of the wall hard, making more noise.

A hailstorm of AK fire shattered the wooden door, heat swirled in his hands and the rest; well it was simple.

“BURN!!!!!!” his dark face flashed a decorative orange; the searing flames on impact vaporized his captors. “Holy sh!t just how hot are these flames” {Apparently, hot enough to vaporize humans} Jeeves responded somewhat impressed. {You don’t seem surprised, I suspect this isn’t the first time you’ve used it?}

“It’s not, I used it as a little kid to blow out my candles, and it’s a good thing I didn’t have to many friends back then”. {Where are you going?} “I have to rescue the other prisoners.” His own heat was causing him to sweat abundantly. {Funny you didn’t strike me as the hero type} “I’m not, one of the others has my Ipod”

The room on the farthest side of the compound contained the hostages; Sean stormed the door, and sent his foot smashing into the door. He probably didn’t judge the distance, or maybe didn’t apply enough force, because his kick didn’t do sh!t, but send a pain recoiling into his knee.

{Perhaps, you should just burn a damn hole through the door}“Shut up, I got caught in the moment” Sean placed his hands on the door, expecting his heat too automatically burn the door.

{Bollocks, what the fck are you waiting for?} The impatient voice screamed. “I don’t know how I was doing that”. {JESUS WEPT ON THE CROSS, breathe idiot} The agitated private exhaled deeply, setting the whole door frame on fire.

{Nice job…no really nice job; I mean I was wondering how this escape could get harder} the bellicose voice jeered. “You know what you’re an asshole” Sean quickly stormed the room, the hostages were all gaged and presumably pissed on, or maybe someone pissed on themselves; he couldn’t be bothered to check which one.

Using his Gerber to cut the ropes and gags (Yes, he miraculously finds his gerber stfu), his first inclination was to push the people through the burning door. “Why didn’t you just come through the hole in the wall?” A woman asked, directing his attention to the hole inside the wall beside the door.


“Jeeves…” The hostages under the leadership of Sean quickly exited the building, only to be looking at the DELTA FORCE. “HOLY fcksticks” Sean said, stopping in his tracks.“Don’t fire!” he screamed, they dropped their weapons, which admittedly made him feel like a badass.

{Good job Sean}

“Thanks” he replied, letting loose a deep sigh. A woman in a business suit exited a SUV, and moved towards his location.

{Ooooh look at this Miley Cyrus} Jeeves voice was sort of a trigger for Sean’s hormones.

“PFC Smith, My name is Paige Price; United States Homeland security” She flashed a badge, but Sean couldn’t help but wonder; “If this b!tch his here, who is protecting the homeland?” “We’re going to need you to come with us” She said, putting something on Sean’s neck, yet again knocking him out.

{OH SH! T SEAN, THIS B!TCH LYING!} Jeeves screaming was the last thing he remembered.

A couple of hours later.

“I feel like one of them n!ggas from heroes” his voice was weak, and his naturally dark completion was beyond ashy. {Maaaan b!tches aint sh!t} Jeeves jeered, to which Sean uncontrollably agreed to.

Paige had him chained to the wall, given his circumstances; making a joke was out of the question. “I’m glad you’re awake Mr. Smith” {Can a n!gga get some lotion?}.

“Do you know why you’re here Mr. Smith?” she asked, standing underneath him with her hands folded. “Oh let’s see, because you shocked me b!tch!” he snapped trying to spit at her, but his lips were so chapped, it simply got soaked up by his bottom lip.

“No, you’re here because you were our little experiment; when you went to MEPS; we infused a bio agent into your body; it’s why you can use your own body heat as a weapon”

{B!tch did you turn me into Cyborg} “At least it’s not Falcon” {Trrrrrue}

“No Jeeves, we did not turn you into Cyborg, we turned you into the next step of human evolution” Sean didn’t give two sh!ts about human evolution; all he knew was now he would never need a toaster.

“When did you do this to me, I don’t remember it at all” Paige smiled, her stance was a dominant one. “Back in 1983 you were hospitalized for a fever; the doctor who oversaw your treatment was one; Herman Price. My father”

“Yeah…Jeeves remind me to Ocho Cinco this bitch” {so she experimented on you as a child} “What do you want with me NOW?” {She wants the D}

“Well, I need your help”

(In Unison) “{She wants the D!”}

“What?” it never dawned to him that she could hear her. “Nothing, nothing; help with what?”

“You want me to work for homeland security?” {You dumbass, she doesn’t work for homeland security} “I don’t work for homeland security, I work for an underground company called Apex Industries. We gave you the virus that allows you to do what you do. We can give you a paycheck and a job, what do you say?”

“You think I can be bought?” Sean scoffed, turning his head like a high end prostitute. “I can offer you six figures.”

“Six figures is nice, but makes you think I can be purchased?” Sean crossed his arms, the thick structure of his jawline could be seen protruding through his face.

“Fine, if this is the route you want to take” He could tell he had struck a nerve, the redhead straddled a chair before, removing a massive file from her briefcase.

“Sean Smith, also known on the streets as Solomon Caesar, served a 3 month sentence in a Juvenile detention center; for OWNING a copy of the anarchist cookbook”. {When she places extra emphasis on words, it really sounds bad}

“Served one year in prison for Grand Larceny, served an additional six months for assault with a deadly weapon. I’m not sure if you paid off the judge, or just had a really good lawyer. Knowing your kind, it was probably the first.


“Force entry into the armed forces, you weren’t there for even six months; before being punished under UCMJ for Sexual Harassment?” both of them went silent for a moment, her eye’s asked for an explanation.

“If you would’ve saw the way she was rockin that towel, you’d hit on her too” he responded impulsively.

“Besides, I believe the correct term is coetus sordidus” Sean took a seat, there was no real reason for Paige to bring up his history; other than to set him up for blackmail.

“Wait…she was a prostitute, but she was 56?!”

“n-no, she wasn’t a prostitute; I WAS” He tilted his head back, the confusion on Paige’s face was exactly how he pictured it.

“See, when b!tches are prostitutes no one cares, because that’s the natural order of things; but the moment someone does something against the natural order, people panic.” It was clear to see that Paige wasn’t getting what he was talking about.

“So, how does selling yourself for money upset the natural order of things?”{We’re off topic like a mutha…}

“I’ll explain it to you later, but you were going somewhere with my rap sheet?”{Looks like she’s interested in your philosophy} “Good, but I made it up”.

“I can make all this go away, all you have to do is help out my stock holders” It didn’t surprise him; everything in America was influenced by money.

“By doing what?”

“We recently begin to invest in correctional facilities, the more inmates held; the more money our investors make. You’ll even be able to make a profit from it; I’m pretty sure you know a bunch of homies that can aid you with that”

Paige’s semi-racist comments began to bug him; he couldn’t believe this b!tch was asking him to populate a privately owned prison.

{Oh hell naw, this b!tch want you to rat on the homies!}

“Listen here, you rat raced redheaded demon! I’m not filling prisons for your stockholders! Get another n!gga” he pushed his chair away, and quickly made for the door only to be stopped again; by Paige’s blackmailing.

“Sean do you know what happened to you while you were knocked out?” {She fcked you kid} “When the hell were you going to tell me?”

{I figured you wouldn’t care, I mean she has no chest, no ass, it was really a painful experience. It was like watching sloth porn. You know what they say, if she’s a 2 at 10, then she’ll be a 10 at 2}.

“Goddamnit Jeeves, you raped me!” he screamed pointing at Paige.

“That’s exactly what I’ll say you did to me” Paige quickly responded. “And who is going to believe a black male in…MISSISSIPPI”

{Damn she’s good}

“You’ll be our hero, the champion of the people, sign autographs, read to kids; and fill our prisons.”

This plan, he could tell it took years to plan, it was almost as if; he were purposely kidnapped in Egypt to set this moment up.

“Ok, Mary” {It’s Paige} “Whatever!”

“I’ll play this little game with you; but you won’t have me on a leash for long; the moment I see an opening; you’re going down.”


Editman Returns

“What would I do without this weed” He said, passing in compliance with rotation rules. His girl, Casey was the next to hit the joint, she inhaling the smoke with a light sway. “I pearled the f!uck out of this blunt” Gabe chuckled. “I had this weird dream yo, I was running away from these huge women with these huge tits” Gabe explained, making the hand gesture for the size of the tits. “The world was being destroyed, and all I could think about was motor boating….dem tittes” He brought his hands up to his face and balled them as if he was angry. “LBLBLBLBLBBLBLBLBLBLB” He said, shaking his head rapidly as if he had his face crammed in some boobs. “Damn, we have an essay due tomorrow” Casey, said, passing the blunt to Haseed.

“Dude, the school was destroyed four months ago” Gabe said, still acting as if he was motor boating boobs. “Nom Nom Nom..Nipples…nom nom nom” Casey and Haseed, decided to skip Gabe, feeling as if he didn’t need anymore. There was a stiff knock at the door, one that sent a chill up the spine of everyone. “Dude, that’s your dad!” Haseed screamed, jumping out the window, he stumbled to his feet, regaining his composure he made a mad dash down the street.

The knocking grew fierce and violent; Gabe’s mind was completely fried; he wasn’t even in the position to lie. Casey opened the door in a panicked state; Gabe’s father peered into the room and instantly smelled the California King Kush. (Otherwise known as CKK). “GABE ARE YOU SMOKING REFFER IN MY HOUSE?!” The anger the old man expunged from his body could be seen all over, veins popped, from every pore. “No, No…” he said, chuckling in a nervous manner. “That’s glade dad” He said, glancing at Casey, he only managed to catch a glimpse of her foot getting through the window. “GO TO THE DAMN STORE AND GET SOME VELVEETA, AND WHEN YOU RETURN, I’M GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS” the old man screamed slamming the door.

“That actually could’ve gone worse” he said, holding the roach in his hand, his head quickly turned to the opening door. His dad returned snatching the roach out of his son’s hand and then exiting the room, “Sh!t” he said, climbing out the window on his way to the store.

“Man what I wouldn’t give for an Angeni sandwich with some Sha sauce, and a tall glass of Swanepoel on the side” he said, chuckling feverishly, while doing the diddy. Gabe walked into the Five dollar discount store; looking for the stuff his mother had on her list. “Ew, why does dad need Xtra Large Trojans for” he said, semi throwing up in his mouth.

“F@@@@ck man, I need to get laid” he said, putting his groceries on the cabinet. “You still haven’t piped Casey yet?” the clerk asked with his face frowned up. “No man, every time I try, I get to fried to remember the combination to her chasity belt” he said, scratching his head.

“What’s the news on the rebuilding” the clerk asked, walking outside to the refrigerator to get Gabe’s beer. “I’m sure the Trinity Foundation has something in-store, what sucks is we always get a new leader after some tragic event” Gabe replied cracking his beer open.

Taking exactly one step out of the store, he saw a redhead chick, which had absolutely no ass, but “Dem…tittes” he said, licking his lips. A rocket shot down from the sky and landed on a nearby parked car, scaring everyone.

“Holy…sh!t it’s Editman!” Gabe screamed a bit startled. {The f#ck are you looking at} Jeeves said, pushing the young man out the way. Gabe landed forcefully against the back of the store wincing in pain. “What a douche” Gabe said, watching as the huge mechanized armor walked into the store.

{Give me a 5th of Jack} Jeeves said, rummaging through the innards of the store. “What the hell does an A.I system need with beer?” Gabe said, looking in the store. {A box of Xtra large condoms, yeah right kids} he responded, threatening the clerk with his repulasar if he didn’t get the jack quick enough.

“What the hell is wrong with you Editman!?” Gabe said, a bit confused. {Shut up kid, you wanna show your gratitude get Editman a double cheese burger no pickles} Jeeves responded. Gabe rushed the Iron titan trying to save the clerk; Gabe hit the titan and his shoulder instantly felt like it had been shattered. {Nice job junior, that pure Vibranium} Jeeves teased smacking the young teen away from him.

{You should be happy Bandari’s president is black} Jeeves said, downing a whole bottle of Jack Daniels for no apparent reason. “Wait a minute, Bandari is in Africa, everyone is black” Gabe said, a bit confused. {Damn! Utopian school systems} Jeeves said, walking past Gabe patting him rather firmly on his head.

“Auto release” he said, pulling a small red string on the back of the Editman; the suit opened up and pulled the young Gabe inside. {You managed to get inside me without a date…} Jeeves said, closing the back of the suit. Rocketing into the air he set out to scare the young Gabe.

“F####ck this!” he screamed all the way into the air. “Put me down, put me down!!!” Gabe screamed in fear; the maniacal A.I could be heard laughing in the background. {Don’t piss in my sh!t kid} Jeeves said, ejecting his victim. “YOU ASSHOLE!!!” The young boy screamed from high up as he plummeted towards the ground.

Jeeves caught him at the last moment; holding him by his leg. {You’ve got balls kid, do you want to be Editman?} Jeeves asked, opening the cab to the suit. “Huh wait what?” The A.I plummeted towards the ground again, stopping just a few feet from an open trash can. {Think about it, oh and break up with your girlfriend, as the Editman you’ll get so much ass}

Gabe held on to his head looking into the amber slits of Editman and responded with a huge smile. “Dem…tittes”


Funny story.

Today I went to PT (Physical Training) and, my Sgt. Major was there getting to know his soldiers. We were doing 60/120 (Sprint for 60 seconds, walk for 120). I was running the course minding my open business; then he walks up to me and challenges me to a race. I'm known for dusting MF's so this was just another race to me. We took our running stances, and he looked at me and said. "I'm about to go Jay Garrick on your punk ass" and took of running, mind you my SM is around 53 years old.

I just thought that was funny, because immediately after he said it, he took off as if he had the speed force in him. LMAO

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I need help man. I'm trying to create a Marvel style Comic script but to be perfectly honest i don't know if i'm doing it right. It seems like every source I go to tells me to do it one way; then another tells me it needs to be otherwise. I know there are supposed to be some sort of rules for writing a script can someone tell me what they are or atleast point me in the right direction for some solid information.  Here's one I just tried solely for this blog.



Political Decay, Financial Ruin, and lack of spirit have all but consumed Indigo City; kids were forbid from playing outside, people went to work with fear in their hearts; but just recently the sun finally began rising on this once chaos torn city and now NEXUS governs this city with his life; the question is can he do it alone?

PAGE ONE:  Terry Hanson and his Girlfriend, Nicole Stevenson is half naked lying in bed together.  The sun is slowly creeping through their room and the two are entangled within each other; looking at one another. Nicole offers Terry breakfasts he decline’s and suggest he needs to go.  At that point Nicole looks a bit disgruntled, but Terry Kisses her on the cheek and insist that he’ll still keep their date to the Aquarium with that he put on his T-Shirt and Jacket and exited the apartment. Nicole turns over on her side in the bed, beginning to doubt, the relationship she shares with Terry. As she is moving towards the bathroom; she says to her “I have to do it”

PAGE TWO: Terry is walking down the busy street during morning work traffic; there are hundreds of people walking on both sides of the street; many dressed in business suits, others casual.  The Sun brought the city to life, casting its majestic rays across the once dark areas of Indigo City.  There were public Vendors on the sidewalks selling things ranging from hot dogs to breakfast sandwiches. The streets are packed and there a multiple people walking across the streets or running for the bus. The city seemed to be coming alive right around Terry, whom’s mind was still stuck on how he could better his relationship with Nicole.

PAGE THREE: Terry walks down an alleyway looking down, trying to think of something to do for Nicole’s birthday; when he comes upon a litter of Kittens. Bending down he uses his fingers to attract the kitten’s attention, they began to playfully swat at the finger. Looking around he begins to look for the Kitten’s mother. There are multiple homeless people sitting in the same alleyway, there are huge blue trash cans on both sides of the alley. Terry looks closely and he can see what appears to be a dead cat next to the right Trash Can. “I guess that mean’s your coming with me” He said picking the three Kittens up. He came to the end of the Alley and turned the corner, his apartment was to the right of that.

PAGE FOUR: He enters his apartment lobby with the kittens in his jacket, secluded from sight; there is a woman in the front whom is using the telephone and not paying attention. There is a couch and table right to the left of her window; Terry walks in flashes his pass and then starts upstairs, until she calls him reminding him of his date with Nicole later. She notices something moving around in his jacket and tells him to not get caught. Terry smiles and then continues up to his apartment with the kittens in hand.

This is a project i was working on that i put off until I get some free time, Also short. 

Hall Monitors

COVER PAGE: There is a group of Kids all standing in a circular formation, there is a girl to the right wearing a Blue Uniform with a red armband on and a huge “11” on it, there is a boy to the right of her wearing a blue uniform with a Yellow armband with a big “10” on it. There is a blonde girl to the left, she is rather curvy and is wearing a modified uniform, which is a skirt with heels. Her uniform is Blue and she is wearing a green armband with a huge 12 on it. In the middle is our main character Thomas; he is in his blue uniform holding his white armband into the air with a huge “9” on it. He has a real cheesy smile; he has black hair and huge brown eyes.

PAGE ONE: Thomas is sitting in his regular clothes in the principal’s office; to him she looks like a mighty judge high in his chair ready to cast down judgment on him. Though she and him share a few words about the importance of the HALL MONITOR TITLE.

MS. PATRICK:  Being a Hall Monitor is a big responsibility Thomas, you do know that don’t you?

CAPTION: Ms. Patrick: Union City High Principal. Codename Supreme Monitor

THOMAS:  I DO MS.PATRICK; I just want to know why I was chosen?

MS.PATRICK:  The choosing of the monitors are kept secret THOMAS; either you want the job or not?

PAGE TWO: THOMAS and MS. PATRICK continue their conversation, only this time MS.Patrick is pacing around the room with her hands folded; she eventually gets in THOMAS face and flashes a gold ring that has the initials HMA, she then invites THOMAS to take a trip with her

THOMAS: I’ll take it, but only because I get discounted lunches, and I can use the good bathrooms.

MS.PATRICK: That’s not all; you also get your hands on one of these…

THOMAS:  What’s HMA?

MS.PATRICK: The Legendary Hall Monitors association, come on take a walk with me THOMAS.

THOMAS: We’re we going.

MS.PATRICK: Too, educate you rookie.

PAGE THREE: MS.PATRICK and THOMAS  began walking down the hall she has her hands placed behind her back just glancing ahead; THOMAS walked with his head focused on her.

MS.PATRICK: To understand while you so important THOMAS you must understand Union High’s history.

THOMAS: I’m already failing history….

MS.PATRICK: A Long time ago, we didn’t have this separation between the classifications. There was a great tragedy that made it happen.

THOMAS: I think I heard about it.

MS.PATRICK: The halls were so packed that we could barley navigate, then a student set a trash can on fire. The school went up in a matter of seconds; no one was injured; but we strived for better.

As you can see i like the Marvel Style, but i'm not sure if I'm even doing it MARVEL STYLE. I need some help. Don't worry I'm not on the verge of cutting my wrist yet feel free to trash this as much as you like!
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