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So I should buy stuff and waste money just to save a childish TV show that can't generate enough interst and is failing... ? I don't know from where this is all coming from, no matter in which field of interest, but it seems like that if something fails people feel a responsibility to safe it... for however unneccessary and unimportant for human life this thing may be. Instead of rescuing mother nature, helping other people, doing something against the corruptness in politics etc... NO we need to safe a stupid TV show *lol*

I could go on and talk about this even more since in the last few weeks such bullshit popped up more often. Oh no this is going down we need to buy everything and rescue it... and all of this are completely unimportant, stupid things no one really needs. But no on cares about economy, politics, human rights... no, it is more important to safe a TV show, or some stupid icecream or whatever the hell it is.

People seem to set their priorities completely wrong :(

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Do not think so... there is no way this alien can compete with Superman at the peak of his powers :)

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Ah yeah Ivo... remember him from the old times where he built this female superhero robot joining the JLA, trying to infiltrate them, in the cool days where Superman was pure energy and exciting... :D

And I am also curious how in the hell they want to beat the JLA... Superman is the immortal uber-super-meta-human that cannot be defeated, he just needs to flinch and the team is down... that is the problem I have with this character. Superman is just to "super" and with Wonder Woman at his side... who can stop them?

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NO PLEASE NOT THAT STUPID B**** please... NO WAY!!!! Please don't screw with my childhood-memories :( :( :(

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@DustinStauffer: Well then I am curious, because he flatlined at the end of issue #1 and is there anyone who can bring him back with his superpowers :) and why did it look like batman was there in the group killing him in the first pages... ? Is this anti-hero gang similar to the Justice League?

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He should be finished off, killed, deleted, terminated... it just gets boring with Joker, and he pisses me off :D he kills and kills and kills and laughs and kills and no one sets any end to it. And then what, in a few months he will come back with a similar psychotic storyline *yawn* Just finish it and bring something new!

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Well after reading the issue I am excited... how will Green Arrow be able to be part of the team now that he... DIED in the first issue :D

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He should do it, this would be a great storyline. I am getting really bored of the Joker and the kind of stupidity here of letting a criminal being like him stay alive. Plus I don't like where this is going, his face peeled off, I mean is he some kind of supernatural? I would not like to trade with him, the infections and pain he must suffer from this... but still alive.

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Why the hell is Superman wearing Jeans and T-shirt again...?

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This is why comic industry gets boring... they manage to do incredible changes and then... well... just go back to normal :(

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