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All the behind the scenes photo's and video clips I've seen of this movie being filmed look's EPIC! I hope Sony goes big with this one.

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I love this freaken spot! The scene where Iron Man is faced with the seeminly impossible feat of trying to save those sucked out of the plane has to be the most intense, realistic looking action scene I've ever seen...and it's just a few seconds of footage! You would swear this is 100% real. The look of horror on that womans face who he's holding, and the wind buffeting her, and the camera angles as you see the plane blowing up...pure magic! I was racking my brain trying to imagine how thats gonna play out. Looks like the best Iron Man movie, if not the best Super hero movie, yet!

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@r3d_rob1n: I don't think it's a weight issue, it's probably how many he can hold at once: probably one for each hand and two grasping him.

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Marvel seems to be making all the right choices with its movies lately. The trailer of Iron Man 3 with that fantastically creepy Ben Kingsley narration, and Tony's mansion getting blown to kingdom come has me dieing to see it. This and Man of Steel are the superhero flicks I'm looking forward to seeing the most in the near future.

It's truly a dream age for genre movies, where talented creators who are true fans of the source material, are able to utilize mind-blowing effects to bring these stories and characters to life,

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I thought it was a great episode, but I was disappointed with the confrontation with the Hutts. These are supposed to be Crime Lords Supreme, with the galaxy in fear of them, and all the protection they have are a dozen plodding guards and three or four bounty hunters!? A mall has more security!

I hope when they move to Disney they put more resources into depicting battles like this. This episode made the Hutts look like a zero threat.

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Great rundown. Judging by the trailer, Zack Snyder has done a spectacular job making a movie full of unreal action and heart. This is the movie I'm most looking forward to seeing in the near future.

P.S. And I'm thanking God that the Tim Burton/Nic Cage Giant Spider version did not see the light of day.

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Every interview pertaining to this film, and the precious seconds of footage I've seen, makes me anticipate it more. It looks like it'll be grounded in reality, but loaded with mind-blowing, awe inspiring Superman in action epic visuals.

What makes me most excited however, is the obvious care being put into making Clark Kent's/Superman's struggles with his place in the world and his Alien/Human dichotomies just as important as any physical conflicts he faces. There seems to be a lot of heart and soul put into this project. Can't wait!

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That Defenders cover compells me to check it out.

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Dark Tower! One of the best book series' of all time! Just transports you to another world entirely.

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Great question and answer about Superman being a "boring" character. Scott Lobdell's answer was perfect.