San Diego Comic Con 2008

I will be going to San Diego Comic Con in just a matter of days and where better to blog about the excitement of comic con then at comic vine.  Among the things im looking forward too are the Heroes,Pushing Daisies,Smallville and Prison breal panel along with special guests such as Stan Lee,Matt Groening,Seth Mcfarlene,Jim Lee and Grant Morrison. Not to mention the autograph section which involves Thomas Jane and Dannille Harris. On the down side however my account is still having problems as i continues to edit but receive no points. This has unfortunatly caused me to fall from place 125 to 139 and i have a feeling i will unfortunately continue to slowly decline untill this problem is fixed which is hopefully soon. Take care and good day.


Skrull suspects

With Marvell's new Secret Invasion story line it would be no surprise that everyone already has there own list of suspects. Ive been really busy and hvnt had enough time to keep up with the current events but i thought id post up my list of suspects for skrulls. The following are suspects and why.

James Rhodes:Hes spent quite a time away and now hes working with Iron man again? We also know for a fact that the Skurlls are reporting to someone in Camp Hammond where he currently resides. His job being to train the trainees there.

Hank Pym:He was impersonated before by Hulkling during the Superhero civil war. Itd be no surprise that he could be impersonated again. Other reasons would also be that Hank was one of the 3 who came up with the idea and is in charge of the 50 states Initiative(something the Skurull's want to control). He also works a lot at Camp Hammond which has been infiltrated.

Wong:Dr strange cast a spell on the New Avengers to see weather any of them were Skrulls. The spell could have been sabotaged by him to hide any member on the team who is a skrull. In the newly released trailer we also learn that the Sanctum Sanctorum has been Infiltrated.

Reed and Susan:Both Reed and Susan spent time away to "work" on their marriage in which they were replaced by Black Panther and Storm. Anything could have happen during their time away. Reed also happens to be a member of the Illuminati which was captured by the Skrulls and we also recently learn that the Baxter building has been Infiltrated.

Ares:A short line during the mention of suspects in a previous trailer mentioned "one being a god". Most would think its Thor with his current return but that would be to obvious. Ares is in the Mighty Avengers,hes new and most of everybody else probably don't know him that well,we also know that the Avengers Tower has been Infiltrated.

other suspects would include Daredevil,Gambit,professor x and Dr.Strange too.