Spiderman web of shadows SPOILERS

o.k I played a bit through spiderman web of shadows...I beat it and quite frankly it was mediocre.

O.K goods and Bads. Good: fighting is fun, cool choices, interesting enviroment, several narvel characters. awesome ending
                                          Bad: combat=repetitive, bosses are too easy, only like 6 different kinds of enemies and no other playable chars other than spidey.

Story: Strange things are happening in New york its a bit tame at first a few people going primal for no reason etc. Then later the place gets quarantineed because of the infectuous symbiotes. O.k there isnt much other than that.

fav parts of the story: spidey gets Venom's symbiote(a piece of it) and venom keeps saying he feels "incomplete", you can choose black cat or mary jane as your girlfriend, symbiote wolverine and the ending.

ending: SPOILERS, ok i wont tell the whole thing but basically Venomm turns into the 5 headed monster in the trailer you fight it then Eddien rips himself out and saves spidey going out like a hero. I got the evil ending and Black cat and Spidey get the city under their control well the symbiotes control. And Black Widow and Kingpin send symbiote wolverine, who spiderman ripped in half, saying hes going to kill spiderman. (hes in his full body=not explained on how he survived) cool nonetheless.

overall 3/5 stars mostly because they didnt follow comic continuity and n o other playable characters.


Comics: deus ex machina A RANT

Ever read a comic and just when you think "there is no way out there isnt they cant win." I like to do the countdown thing, you know 3..2..1 then they would be like "WoW! AMAZING HOW DID HE?? WOW!!!!" or "When did SHE/HE get there?" its all these random occurences such as gaining a helpful power or someoone randomly coming in saving you that is boring and irritating. In like every comic where, for example, Spidey fights Venom there just "happens" to be a sonic cannon or explosions,fire,the fantastic four randomly saving the day or silver sable coming in blasting him. True this makes the villain seem kick-ass awesome but if they use it repetitively you enjoy reading the book untill the abrupt end when BIG SURPRISE something amazing happens or, if its a story arc, something random happens in the NEXT COMIC!!!!! does anyone NOT get annoyed by this?! when someone has superman on the ropes,kills him has him in a VAT OF KRYPTONITE something just HAPPENS TO SAVE HIM!!!!! Sure this is cool the FIRST time you see it but sometimes it doesnt make sense. ex Amazing spiderman 300 he is tied to a bell by Venoms webbing for what could have been hours he cant move I reapeat He CAN'T MOVE!!!!! so the bell is supposed to kill him via sonics. Then the bell starts sounding he DOESN'T get hurt by the bell and he moves out of the way freeing himself when the bell comes around. HOW IN HELL IS HE ABLE TO MOVE? it just said he couldnt move and now he can? what the H.E double hockey sticks? oh and then eddie comes up and spiderman realizes he probably doesnt have webbing left. He could have been in the church on that bell for hours and the symbiote didnt regenerate at all? *sigh* so thats how he wins deus ex machina? no stupid writing but very close to deus ex machina

this is where the blogging ends please comment Eddie Brock/Venom signing off for now.

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I guess.....

clayface? he would be a pretty cool hero (any of them) his stories would probably a be a lot of learning of new powers for deus ex machina reasons though

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I kind of think hes a tad bit over violent for a hero maybe anti-heroism would work better for him but yeah would love to see him as a villain

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