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"More popular" has to equal something other than "my real life friends like *****Man more".

Sales is a good measure. For these companies, they don't care is Spider is more popular than Bats... they care if Spider SELLS more than Bats. Even if people were buying the Spiderman merch just to let it float in their toilet and poop on it, the companies would consider that success.

Now if you are comparing to "popular" to "critically acclaimed" then maybe you can say that sales is something to minimize since "critically acclaimed" is subjective.

If the merch sales doesn't make Spidey more popular, then you need to come with some numbers of another sort that show someone else being more popular - not just "me and my friends like like the G**damned Batman".

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This is the internet. It may be because you're too fat or because you're too thin, or whatever but the trolls WILL troll. Kim K has this exact same problem except they are calling her different names than "fat".

Stay off TV and off social media if you don't want the attention. In internet terms 'attention = hate'. That's how I can tell who's got a new album out [or whatever] because of the amount of hate they are receiving online.

In short: the solution to 'bullying' is not a 'war on bullying' where we hunt down all bullies (one could argue that this would become a form of bullying itself - persecuting innocents and all... and you know damn well that once they start making it against the law some innocent people will be punished because 'human error/incompetence/maliciousness'). The solution is to buck up Bucko. Of course touching someone or harassing them is wrong, but the run of the mill snide comment is not some kind of torture device. I have been told to kill myself online before. You think I wrote a blog about it?

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Please TOAA: let Marvel have their characters back.

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Looks awesome....wish we would get a BvS teaser soon.

Let's not. Not here.

No idea what you're referring to there champ.

You're bringing up the attempt by Marvel's rival to create a cinematic U like Marvel already has. Some Marvel "fanboys" might get their "Jimmies Rustled" and flame on. It's sort of like talking to your current gf about your ex.

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@muyjingo said:

Looks awesome....wish we would get a BvS teaser soon.

Let's not. Not here.

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It's not right for the Hell's Angels to beat me (a black guy) to death with crowbars.

I have the right to go into any bar I want and have a drink.

If I were to see a gathering of Hell's Angels at my neighborhood tavern I wouldn't go in. I wouldn't even pull into the parking lot.

So: if wearing a bikini in a public place isn't working out so well.. stop it.

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Wasn't the whole thing about her in Spawn was that she was an Angel? So now she's not one. So what's the hook now? Why not just use an existing Norse badazz woman with a sword? Is it the costume? Color me confused.

I figure that "angelic warrior woman" is a step away from "Asgardian Valkyrie" due to the Valkyrie's role and powers, anyway, so it works out.

I agree that its now close enough that she could be mistaken for one of Thor's minor characters of old. This does not make it okay. This makes it superfluous.

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Why'd they make Surfer into a funnybook again?

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I was a member of an online message board that 4*c*h*a*n hacked into oblivion cause some of the members were beefing with them. I say this to say: we don't even type their name out on the new board, so do what you want with that info.

This is f***ing craaaaaaaaazy that someone would put something like this online. Even more surreal: people using it for jokes.

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An all powerful guy comes out of nowhere for no reason and puts everything in place just so. This is not a story. This is what you write when you have no idea how to write a story about how all the heroes from all the universes come together. Why not skip the Beyonder altogether and just have everyone wake up on battleworld.. basically it's the same thing.

You are very invested in making this seem like something clever. Maybe to you it is.