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Ummmm shared Universe is what comicbooks are all about. Marvel is doing it RIGHT. Perhaps one day the animated series'(?es) will also be cannon with the MCU and even more live action shows can spin off. It's the right thing I tell ya. So what is DC gonna do? Just completely ignore the Green Lantern movie as if it never happened? Nolanverse, GL failverse, now MoSverse. Yeah. They should really start to focus.

Unless they are gonna have some heavy hitters like Darkseid who can actually make a Kryptonian feel it, this Supergirl show is gonna get real boring real quick... Although they did make Smallville work for quite a while.

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Those ba$+ards. I had designed a spider themed character with the same number of eyes as an actual spider on his helmet.

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What is so interesting about Gotham with no Batman and all the rogues not rogues yet? Kinda like what Patton Oswalt said about Star Wars Episode 1 "Darth Vader's in it. But he's a kid." Everyone cool from the Gotham we know is kind of in there: before they became cool.

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If ya really think about it: it's a Racoon and a Tree. That's two of the least cosmic things I can think of. Am I the only one who finds these non-clever and non-pretty?

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We seem to be forgetting that Cyclops can do a 180* AOE blast. I recall a panel where he blasts some Sentinels - multiple - and the whole panel is red. Afterwards everything in front of him is annihilated. Wolverine then says something like "Sometimes I forget why you're the leader" or something. SOHH: AOE nuclear blast from the eyes blasts the Dynamic Duo and the whole block to dust. Don't think Cyke would do it? Ask Prof X.

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Eminem is not funky. He puts together words very very well but he does not make me nod my head. Greg Nice and Mr Cheeks are great examples of funky rappers that have very basic word play. Given the choice, I would listen to the simpler, funkier style. Everlast is a white rapper that I would say has a funkier style. Beastie Boys, too. So for me, wordplay only gets you so far there has to be other elements. Em's voice kind of annoys me too. I give him credit, tho.

Now Iggy Azalea is just fake all around. She talks like Crocodile Dundee but raps like TI. That sh;t makes me cringe "First things first I'm the realest..." indeed.

Don't act like white people don't like white rappers cause they are white. I know plenty of people who didn't listen to any rap BESIDES Beasties. Then later Em.

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If they were enslaved and murdered for that, sure.

QFT. I think that's really the bottom line. Once a hate group starts offing nerds, then we can talk about it in the same sentence as race.

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I think they should just have Reynolds in the new JL movies like it's all good. After all, that GL movie was supposed to kick off the DCCU. Even if it sucked... people said Hulk sucked... that shouldn't make them scrap it completely. Incredible Hulk was something of a sequel to Hulk and Hulk was in Avengers.

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I hate when they get creative. Just use the $*&!ing comics. Hell, I'd be up for straight up alien symbiote.