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The Superior-Spider-Man run is the perfect example of how risky ideas can pay off. I wasn't really interested in Dan Slott's Spider-Man run until he introduced this new concept. Since then I've really enjoyed reading previous issues and seeing how he was planting the seeds of what was going to happen.

This felt like the Dark-suit saga for my generation and I'm glad I got to see this great arch as it came out.

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Hey Brian maybe you could redefine some villains that have been seen in the Batman related animated shows but have never been seen in comics. These might count as big name because people will remember them from the shows.



Joker 2.0

Gentlemen Ghost



Red X

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Holy Crap that was a good episode!

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To the team who created the series:

Thanks for taking such creative risks with the show. It will always remain one of my favorite interpretations of Batman. This was like BBC Sherlock cast as Batman, it didn't feel dumbed down or cartoony. And Magpie was like Catwoman-Harley Quinn Combo. Alfred was a total BAMF and the Batman Katnna team-up played really well.

I could extol over this series for a long time but I think the best thing about the series was that they took a character who has had many great interpretations and made him different and interesting. The previous iterations of Batman were a tough act to fallow but you guys really rocked the house.

Best of luck in your future projects

Superman? ;)

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Awesome stuff! I'd hate to ride shotgun with this guy

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Can you do this again but for a Teen Titans/Young Justice Movie?

Thanks ;)

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"CC: Sometimes, they really come out of left field, Hermes as well. They don't look the way you expected them too, but I think with the way they're written, with the way they play on the page, they feel like they've always been this way. If people are responding to that, we've done our job."

That is exactle why Wonder Woman is a must read for me. Thank you for revitalizing what has become one of my favorite characters.

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