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@fugue: I think I solved the mystery. You're Arqui [I'd butcher the full spelling]/Antonia

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Still don't know Fugue's main. At one point I thought it was DC.

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@closure said:

@shawn_baptiste: Visualized it. Enjoyed it. Kudos *does the nae nae

This, scratch the nae nae. This is fun and we haven't even got to the good parts yet.

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Living in the kogai [suburbs] in Japan was life sapping, but in America it was perfect. Echo Tsukazaki learned everything about life in the City, the Shinjuku District. The nightlife. Here you could bring the nightlife to your house without neighbors gossiping with one another. Everybody in America seemed to respect one another's privacy. Or maybe they just simply did not care. "Do you think Richard is going to show up?" Her friend asked, sitting next to her on the plush living room couch.

"I dunno," a pout played across Echo's face. "I'm not sure I want to see him anymore." Her council of friends gasped on cue, each one vicariously living through Echo's relationship with the modern British Prince. "He's too..." she had the word but questioned sharing the detail with her friends. "Experienced."

"What is that supposed to mean!?" Mari her hometown friend visiting from the island blurted. Echo and Mari bonded on the countless disappointments the jaded native boys were. Wrapped in their studies, careers, video games or cheap love services. They had zero experience.

"You guys don't read Bukowski"

Echo flipped out her Sephora heart pocket mirror and examined her face and make-up. "It actually makes a lot of sense."she quipped avoiding their eyes with her stare into the mirror."There's a quality about men who choose women sparingly. Men who've had too many women seem to choose the next one out of revenge rather than feeling. I don't want to be apart of that Game."

"Hm--that makes sense--whuh?--oh, that's not true" her friends reception to her insight received mixed responses.

Echo shut her make-up mirror and glared at her friends. "That came from a man's mouth, but believe it. He was honest. You guys don't read Bukowski?"

The ring of the doorbell froze the girls silent. "RICHARD!" they all gushed mocking Echo, whose heart dropped to the base of her stomach.

"Shut up." Echo tossed the pillow on her lap at the girls and went for the door. Out of sight, She fixed her Alexander Wang black crop top and flipped her hair over her shoulders. Spritzing two puffs of Tom Ford Black Orchid on her neck, a black boy and girl walked by drunkenly doting one another. The two forced her hand. She huffed out her anxiety and opened the door.

"Oh my god! I didn't think you would come!" Echo spread out her arms for a hug. It was Maya Liafador, not Richard Delon-Astor. With that fact, her enthusiasm and surprise brimmed over the point of cordiality. She could not wait to see the faces and dropped jaws of her friends when they saw her bring Maya Liafador into the living room. "We have to take a picture together!" Echo had queued up her VSCO cam app on her iPhone.

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@Charmix: Haha pretty please! :D

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@Charmix: Add Echo to the magic list

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@Angeni: "Last night was the WORST DATE I've EVER had with Alceus....!" She prepares to read the next sentence which revealed one of the embarrassing details of their horrible date.

@ZombieBigfoot: What a disappointment.

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@ZombieBigfoot: Haha have you seen a giraffe run through walmart?

@Fuchsia_Nightingale: Invades Angeni's privacy

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Moseys into the dance studio in her pointe shoes and cream leotard, carrying an iPod. Grasping the parallel bar adjacent to the panoramic mirror, Echo begins her barre exercises taking first position and bending her knees to warm up her limbs elasticity.

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