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Buckshot said:

Alright, true, but it's already been established that Mags can sense the disruption of magnetic fields when Kurt teleports.
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Vance Astro said:
"DD wins."
I was looking back over the posts...and love that you completely flipped, as you said how much Nightcrawler could do to win.

I love that back when this thread started, everyone said that Kurt COULD teleport a mile up in the air and drop DD, but he never would. And then in last months Uncanny #499, he teleports Omega Red a mile in the sky and drops him. Heh.
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Yeah, but that was one of the big confusing parts -- the Snowbird who married Yukon Jack was the temporally displaced one, not the one who died. Which makes her comment on her marriage failing confusing.

I still hope a writer with some real understanding of the team puts the shattered remnants of Alpha Flight back together. I mean, with Sasquatch, Talisman, Northstar, Aurora, Madison Jeffries, Snowbird, Marrina (in some capacity) are all still alive...you'd think it wouldn't be that hard to make a kick ass team book again.

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Gambler said:

I know the Marvel/DCU crossovers aren't canon, but as someone said earlier in this thread, WW handled Hercules pretty easily in that.

Actually, the Avengers/JLA crossover IS considered canon. In fact, it was just referenced in Trinity #7, with the Cosmic Egg that was created in that crossover making an appearance. Which means that yes, WW has beaten Marvel's Hercules, in canon.
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Man, they really don't write him as one then.

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Voidheart said:
Say you have a twin brother, and hes the 4 years older, you and him have had the exact same experiences (i know a little odd but bare with me). But he has had a 4 year lead, which mean 4 additional years to where he could have gained an extra ammount of knowlagde.

Okay, maybe I'm confused, but how can you have a twin brother who's 4 years older than you?

And when did Professor X become a genius? I thought he was smart, sure, but not at genius levels.
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I've always thought Hal was awesome -- he's the Captain Kirk of the Green Lantern Corps. Kyle is good and all, but the cocky pilot who is almost too stubborn to be beaten, and still has time to seduce every alien he ever meets? Come on!

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Um, is this a project they really plan on giving an untested director like this Berlanti guy, who has ONE movie under his belt, and romantic comedy to boot? I mean, I know, it could be great, but there's no way to know. This guy is the writer and producer of Eli Stone and Brothers and Sisters...two shows of questionable worth...and he's going to direct my favourite DC hero?

I don't know if an unknown is the way to go, either. I mean, it didn't help Superman Returns, so I think they may have learned their lesson from that and might go with a more established star. I think Nathan Fillion could play Hal, or David Boreanaz, provided they do it immediately.

Hey, wouldn't it be a cute idea to have Boreanaz as Hal, and James Marsters as Sinestro?

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Really? Isn't it just, "bang!"

Winner: Punisher?

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Buckshot said:
Good question and I've thought about it before. I think it's a mix of both, speed and precog. He knows a shot is coming, but still has the speed to move out of the way of the bullet (sometimes after it's fired which shows the speed, but not always). Parrying bullets is the same. He knows they're coming but moving his arms and staff to the right position between the shots of an automatic weapon still takes speed and precision.  If he were just keeping it in the same spot for every shot or if there was only one shot, then it would be nothing but precog, but since he's continuously moving and the bullets aren't in exactly the same place, there's speed coming into play. In the end though I'm not sure it matters if the result is the same.

Fair point. I see what you're saying in terms of moving from one bullet trajectory to the next requiring speed, and would count as a feat.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but sometimes rereading old battles gives me ideas.