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Obama, like Bush, is just another puppet who does whatever the banksters & war-mongers want.

What's hilarious is that his supporters hate Bush a lot but a cannot see that Obama has continued rendition, warrantless wiretaps and Gitmo while interceding in Libya and upping the ante on the end of Americans' due process rights with this latest drone attacks on American citizens business. Obama has picked up the baton from Bush and carried it even further.

Want to know another good one? - Remember that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize almost immediately ofter he was first elected POTUS and has since done everything to prove he's quite undeserving of it.

I think that the biggest problem is that Republicans and Democrats keep bitching at each other when the real problem is the system. At this point there is no viable way of voting for a candidate that isn't going to continue bullshit like this. Regardless of our politics, we need to come together to tear this corrupt system down.

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@TheThe: I thought the show got a whole lot better when he joined the cast.

I also forgot about ChardeeMcDennis

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The one with kitten mittens and the gun "shots" episode was pretty great. Also the Birds of War, when Frank "trashman" throws that garbage lid at Cricket and he starts gushing blood everywhere.

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@theTimeStreamer said:

@warlock360: i see your point and agree. you dont see straight or bisexual people 'expressing' themselves every/any chance they get. people dont care what your sexual orientation is. they have real problems like taxes.

haha yes they do. Straight people hold hands, kiss and hug in public all the time. Nothing wrong with that, just like there is nothing wrong with a gay couple doing it, its just that a gay couple stand out more because its not the norm.

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The expectations for Romney were so low, all he had to do was show up and not say anything remarkably stupid and he would have been declared the victor. I think that was a good wake up call for Obama, though. Next debate he needs to be the one on the attack, point out Romney's tax returns, opposition to GM bailout, saying poor people without insurance should just go to the ER, etc. There were so many opportunities last night for Obama to lay something like that out there but he didn't take it.

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I'm gay and I didn't know sissy was considered a gay slur...

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Tacos and Burritos aren't Spanish

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Speedsters must have the worst names of any superhero type.

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Grass, except for Treeko, I never liked that one.

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Read this Rolling Stone article to see what a scum sucking leech Romney truly is.