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That umbrella is lethal. Leaning towards Spider-Man Trilogy aunt May

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Cap took down a S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft single handedly with relative ease.

Which means SSS is above the Mirakuru serum.

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  • Steve and Bucky has a week prep for each match, the enemy doesn't.
  • Morals Off
  • Blood lust on
  • Complete Gear
  • Doesn't necessarily need to complete the gauntlet, I just wanna see if they can win against these men that I pitted against them
  1. Bats and Bane (TDKR)
  2. Dare Devil and Bullseye (Dare Devil)
  3. Oliver and Slade (Arrow TV series)
  4. Snake Eyes and Storm Shadows (G.I. Joe Retaliation)
  5. Wolverine and Beast (X-Men Series)
  6. Hellboy and Prince Nuada (Hellboy 2)
  7. Riddick and lord Marshal (Chronicles of Riddick)
  8. 2 T-100 (Terminator)
  9. 2 T-1000 (Terminator 2)
  10. 2 T-X (Terminator 3)
  11. 5 Xenomorphs (Aliens vs Predators)
  12. 2 Preds (Aliens vs Predators)
  13. Lady Siff and the Warriors 3
  14. Green Goblin and New Goblin (Spider-Man)
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@batman242 said:

@theamazingbatman said:

@batman242 said:

@theamazingbatman said:

@batman242 said:

@theamazingbatman: It happens right after destroying the World Engine. He tanked it in a weakened state. Kurse won't be able to hurt Clark and vice versa. Clark does have the advantage of speed, flight and heat vision. With Kurse's durability against piercing damage, he'd get cut by the heat vision, but the thing is Clark would probably only use it in close proximity.

He didn't tank it , he only endured the explosion( he was greatly damaged after the explosion) and I bet that thor can do the same with one stroke of his mjolnir and kurse was stronger than thor.

Hmm, that's true. He still didn't die, nor was he KO'd.

And no Thor wouldn't. Hulk's best and only good feat of durability feat was tanking Mjolnir, nothing much else. Supes in theory would be able to tank it as well.

Well what is the meaning of tanking an attack??? I don't know its true meaning :P I use it in the sense that If a character tanks an attack , he is completely unharmed by it.

You have watched thor the dark world?

Thor hit kurse twice in thor 2 with an amped mjolnir and the first time , it hit kurse but did almost no damage to him and the second time , when the amped mjolnir was coming to hit kurse , he hit the hammer and threw it away . Hulk never did any of this , he was hit with mjolnir with was not amped and thor was not fighting him seriously and yet when he was hit , hulk couldn't get up for almost 5 seconds and was really hurt .

Tanking means to take an attack and still muscle through it without damage enough to put you down or inhibit you from performing with at least basically 70-80% of your capabilities. So you're pretty much right on that. Nonetheless, Clark was in a weakened state the entire scene with the World Engine and had no sun to give him a boost or advantage in any way since the same thing weakening him was blocking the sun. It's still a great feat considering the same thing had him coughing up blood and being woozy and being bound to restraints earlier in the film.

I have watched the Dark World, yes.

I was talking only about the fact that Hulk tanked a hit from Mjolnir, amped or not. Thor needs time to amp it and that's time he won't have here, but we're debating Kurse and Supes here. Like I said before, this is a match that's pretty much not going anywhere since no one is going to be hurt. Supes can at best punch him far away or cut him with heat vision.

What other feats does mos have??

kurse was far stronger than Avengers' Hulk and hulk easily destroyed the worm like gigantic alien in just one punch , i think mos is equal to hulk and thus below kurse.

Let me tell you why that's bullshit

First MOS managed to shrug off, a 300 ton steam roller falling from a 60 feet high, flew against the world engine, that weakens him with the slightest touch, and destroyed it.

Two he's faster than Kurse, Hulk, Thor. The faster you go the harder you hit, the mass increases when hit higher speeds, simple physics. Thus Making superman above these fools.

Three he escaped a black hole. No avenger not even Kurse can do that feat. Plus he flies

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Team 2 Unless this is Slade as Deathstroke.

This is Slade as deathstroke, with all the mirakuru

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clears this, none of them has the speed advantage to even put up a threat to clark

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  1. G.I. team consists of Roadblock(The Rock)
  2. Storm Shadows
  3. Snake eyes
  4. Firefly
  • Morals off
  • Bloodlust on
  • Round 1 random encounter full gear
  • Round 2 Random encounter H2H only
  • Round 3 1 week prep, full gear
  • Fight to the death
  • Who wins and why
  • Start debating!
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You PR fanboys are insane. How can that big ass pile of junk be able to catch Iron man, who flies at speeds greater than any latest model aircraft and jet fighters of today? An besides unlike any other aircraft tony's armor maneuver while flying, making him impossible for a big ass can to catch. It's big show trying to catch a fly. That underwater explosion feat is irrelevant, tell me when GD actually takes a nook to chest then we'll talk. And that's it for GD

And Iron man can do multiple kinds of tactics to take down the Gypsy danger.

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@cable_extreme said:

@eatmore_payless: I completely disagree Gai being able to solo, or be a fight for sosp Madara, people are over reacting from his few showings against him.

Few but very solid, that can back itself up. With 8th gates on, Gai hits harder, endures greater damage, moves faster (debatable) and has a powerful technique that made SOSP madara shivers in excitement.

@eatmore_payless: I am pretty sure Lee opened gates which is why Gai had to stop the fight.

And yeah he did, when gaara finally leveled the playing when he activated his sand armor. Because of that reason, lee has to open gates.