Speech Bubbles on ASM 700 Cover

I don't know if anyone's noticed, but there are three speech bubbles on the regular cover of Amazing Spiderman 700... There is one right at the top, just above the 'N', that says "Why didn't I kill you?".... There is aanother one on the bottom right hand corner, but it's covered up by the price sign thingie, so you can't really read it, the only readable word is "More". The most fascinating one of all though, is near the bottom lefthand corner. It's written in almost illegibly small font, and in french, so it's not really supposed to be noticed that much, I guess... It says "L'essentiel n'est pas de gagner ou de perdre, mais de comprendre le veritable...", which translates to "What's Essentiel is not to win or lose, but to understand what is real..." What do you guys think it means??? Does it mean anything at all? Or is it maybe a hint about what is to come??

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I think you are on to something because there can be no way that on all that spider there is only those 3 speech bubbles but it does sound like it is just describing the issue. fyi I found that the more bubble says " one more mr garcin!" who that is no clue.