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Right dont say the avengers are over powered. If you want to get technical the Justice League is WAAAAY too over powered. Hell almost the whole DCU is in the Justice League haha. Thats why not very many people like The Justice League over the Avengers because theyre just way to powered up and boring. The Avengers are more interesting and still would beat the Justice League anyday. (Granted its the original members from each group, if it was everyone that was ever on each time then i dont know haha)

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No man destroying a planet is way easier than lifting part of one. Like you dont need strength to throw a grenade you know? But you need strength to lift something. But of course with enough will power. Thats the whole basis of his powers. The point being under NORMAL circumstances he could NOT be able to lift hawaii. Maybe destroy it cuz you know itd be easier.

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Does ANYONE think that Hal Jordan just REGULAR Hal Jordan WITHOUT being possessed by an entity. Would be able to pick up an ISLAND?! An ISLAND thats bigger than HAWAII?! PLEASE i NEED other peoples opinions on this. He CAN use his ring. But under no circumstances do i think he could pick up a whole island. Just not possible for Hal Jordan or most Green Lanterns at that.