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Wow, they were spectacular drawings. Especially that picture above me. Great work!

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Looks amazing, might be a noobish question but why is Bane not big and muscly and pumping with venom like in previous Bane comics and like in Arkham City.

Anne Hathaway looks like a great actor, and undoubtedly will show off catwomans ego off. Personally, i'm not sure who the actor is for Talia Al Ghul, but maybe Batman will fall for her and then Catwoman and Talia will fight? Be good to watch

Looks good, i thought it came out June 7th but got mixed up with Prometheus, so now have to wait until July 20th!

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The visual effects and graphics look amazing, this would be a def' for watching 3D. I would rather want to watch The Dark Knight Rises, purely because i have been a fan for longer, and already watched the previous Spider-Man Trilogy.

Not sure about his story arc, what is it based on? Or is it just a general mash-up? And his personal ego seems a bit less hesitatious, then before, and he is already in a relationship with Mary Jane?

But looking forward to another superhero movie, and looks great, and good choice for a villain ;)

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I would say definitely The Joker, and also the Riddler. But more The Riddler as a distraction