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@onyxartist: I like it. it's an interesting look at someone whose too arrogant to be a hero, but at he same time does a lot of things better than traditional heroics. It's a neat comic. The only thing I don't like is that Ock isn't nearly as fun as Peter was, but that's a problem alleviated by Marvel Knights: Spider-Man.

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@lior947 said:

Kingsley is the original Hobgoblin and the best Hobgoblin ever.

Cardiac is a very interesting and smart character.

I would like to see both characters again is Superior Spider-Man.

Vote: Hobgoblin

They both have been.

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Heroes For Hire, full force. Kaine and Flash are pretty tough S.O.Bs and probably have Marvel's best on goings right now, but either way I can't see them taking down the duo. The biggest plus for the Heroes is just that Iron Fist's powers allow him to generate fire, which basically leaves Flash wide open. Considering his involvement in Maximum Carnage, it seems likely Danny would take the smart maneuver and take flash out of the fight immediately.

Even if he misses, or his magic fist doesn't have the intended effect, Dan's a pretty tough motherfucker. He was able to survive an explosion compared to Hiroshima without suffering a scratch, and put Hulk's kid on ice for a bit by focusing his chi and hitting him. Kaine's quick as Spidey but he's not as nimble, so eh ultimately has higher maneuverability than the scarlet spider, and given the rest of his martial arts mumbo jumbo he probably knows a thousand ways to incapacitate someone easily. The ever overzealous Kaine is leaving himself wide open with his blitzkrieg tactics and probably wouldn't last long.

And we haven't even touched Mr. NWA Luke Cage. Dude is invincible, straight up. Anything less than adamantium won't even leave a scratch so Flash's armory and Kaine's bone spikes are pretty much useless against him. He also outclasses both of them in raw strength, so much so that he could probably tear the symbiote right off of Flash. Even if the opposition can pull a spidey and play grab ass without him ever touching them, I doubt either has what it takes to incapacitate him.

But even all this isn't as important as the defining trait of victory in this kind of fight: Teamwork. It's not just that the Heroes For Hire are a superior team up, it's that Kaine and Venom are a shitty one. They're an active detriment to each other. Hell, even the image in the post depicting the teams has them at each others throats. The fact is Kaine is not a team player, never has been. Hell every other panel of the last issue he tries to double cross Wolverine. he might respect Flash a little more after Minimum Carnage, but they're far from best bros.

When it comes down to the wire, Kaine is always going to go for the jugular, he's not going to try and coordinate with Flash nor his he going to use him to cover his own weaknesses. Maybe he'll pull his as out of the fire, but that's about it. otherwise they'll just wing it, but not as well as Power Fist and Iron Cage.

And let's be honest here: Flash can't walk 5 feet without losing his symbiote. It almost happens every issue, which is fantastic when you're creative enough to do it organically since it creates some great tension, but when you're trying to look at a match up objectively, it gets a little harder to take him as a serious threat.

Outclassed, out matched, and too hot headed to make up for it, there's just no way Kaine and Flash can take it. maybe one on one they could, but years of working together ensures that they'll have each others backs and won't get backed into a wall. No contest. Now, Heroes For Hire vs Cable and Deadpool, THAT'd be a match up! But for now, HEROES 4 HIRE 4 LYFE YO

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Man batman and X has had some fantastic covers.

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Supes looks fine costume wise but he's got that weird hair, he looks like Dante the demon killer. Batman's armor just looks like it's trying to be dark and brutal while invoking Batman Beyond, but the red in the beyond outfit was much more subdued. This just looks like a weird alternate evil batman armor. Which it might be.

Otherwise I like everyone else. Wonder Woman looks great, Flash could use some more yellow but still good, and I just love that Green lantern.

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This seems a little unfair for ol' Snakey. I mean, I'm not super into GI Joe continuity but I'm pretty sure he's just a dude. X-23 has adamantium claws and regenerating health. He can't even sword fight with her properly because his sword would be cut to ribbons.

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ooh this one's hard! It's not like last week's where I could give one character the edge due to experience alone. hmm...

gonna say Deathstroke. For all of Cap's power, I think Slade would take it with his more varied tactics. Cap's got some brutal moves but Deathstroke is a martial arts master and knows how to use several drastically different swords and guns in tandem.

Also Ultimate Cap's done some fucked up things, enough to give Slade the emotional drive to take him out too. Plus the armor can take a lot. Yup, Slade takes it.

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EXCUSE ME. But it is clearly canon that Flash Thompson is a big fan of Spider-man, he would never think to kill him. I can't take this art seriously now. It's all ruined.

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@SexualLobster: You should read the letters sometime champ.

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@SexualLobster said:

I was hoping Carnage USA would end with the Venom and Canage symbiotes absorbing eachother and bonding with either Flash or Cletus, then have Eddie try to take it down but ultimately have him become the only symbiote chaacter again.

PS the other symbiotes would die in the process of this event.

Well that wouldn't really work with Minimum Carnage coming out would it?