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ooc - i am waiting for people to come back with clues. No one has found anything yet.

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Pamela watched as Dick and Jason were cracking knuckles, and she knew they were gettign ready for a fight. She looked at the other two boys, and Jay was going to get pummeled, and Waylon looked bigger, but she had seen the Duo fight before, and she knew they would wipe the floor with them. She took a deep breathe, spreading her perfume around the circle, and moved from boy-to-boy as she talked, making sure to get each of their attention.

"Look, boys. Obviously someone here wants to out something from one of us. We all know we have secrets, even if we don't know what those secrets are." She watched as they became enamoured, staring at her. "We need to split up. We only have a few hours to figure out what is going on. Everyone take a different part of the school and search for any unusual. More unusual than we usually see around here." She stood in the middle, striking a pose. "The person to find the gest clue, gets a prize from none other than my little-old self." She could see the excitement the each boys face as she spoke, and as they looked her up and down. "First one back gets special consideration! Now, go!" She lifted and dropped her arms like she was starting a street race, watching as Dick was the first one to take off looking for something.

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Pam was trying to talk to Dick and jay at the same time when jay asked about a secret and some kid with a lighter came up and started to hit on her. Getting hit on was nothing new to her, but for som reason this kid seemed to know that she was really green under the tanned lesh-tones makeup she wore on her whole body to cover it up.

She looked at Jay first, "Secrets? I have no idea what you are talking about. Do i look like the kind of girl to keep secrets?" She asked, flashing him smile and making sure he got a big whiff of her perfume. She turned to the kid with the lighter, "I'm going to be literally smoking if you keep playing with that lighter. Put it away for me, would ya?" she kept the smile flashing, and made sure to move so that this new kid got a whiff of her perfume also. She had never seen the new kid before either. We are a month into the school year, where were all these new kids coming from?, she wondered.

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pretty much everyone, who are you insterested in taking?

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I think coulson did die in Avengers, and this is an LMD which will be clones in this show, instead of the robot-type ones seen in the comics.

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Pamela backe off as Dick tried to get close enough to whisper something in her ear. She listened to what he had to say about the skeletons and thought about her condition first. She knew Dick was aware of the condition, but she was pretty sure that Jay was unaware of it, so she wasnt about to admit anything in this group. Jay didnt seem like the type to really keep a secret; anynoe elses secret, anyways.

"Skeletons? Getting cold? None of that sounds even remoltely like me, or like it is even directed at me. I mean i have lost a few pounds, but i'm not SKELETON skinny. I wish!"

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Pam took a long took at the white-faced kid that ws talking to her. She only remembered one kid named Jay, and he was a hyperactive, annoying little punk, but they had gotten along pretty well. This kid didnt look at all like him. She mentally tried to wipe away the makup, and re-heal the scars, and sunddenly she recognised him. He had grown considerably and under all the makeup was actually not bad looking.

"Holy Cow, Jay! How are you? Did you just transfer here?" She reponded, using the most sickeningly - sweet voice she could fake. Dick shoved the note in her face again. She wasnt about to admit to him that she had anything to do with the paralyzations at shcool, and she hadnt sent the note. She started to get annoyed.

"Listen, DICK, I already told you i don't have any idea who is sending you your little love letters. Try asking someone, anyone else!" She grabbed the note from his hand and crumpled it up, dropping it at his feet.

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