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Horrible and unoriginal antagonists.

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I haven't started reading it yet, but All-New X-Factor by Peter David is something I am very excited about. I just finished the whole X-Factor run by him last night. A man that has written X-Factor for 8-10 years, has to be doing something right.

EDIT: I just reread what I said, and it makes me sound like I finished the whole series in one night... Which is not true haha.

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I subscribed to Marvel Unlimited for $10/month. It's a great comic book reader app. Has almost all the latest issues of recent years up until maybe 6 months of our current release date.

Binge read like it was Netflix. Then I picked up a lot of the #1 issues that are currently being released. Like: Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, All New X-Factor, and Silver Surfer. All those are pretty light hearted.

During your time with the Marvel Unlimited App, you might notice some writers and artists that you love, and some that you hate. Those help me form a lot of the titles on my pull list.

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How about part time jobs?

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I hate my job.

I work as a server for one restaurant in the evening, and then I also work again at night when that same restaurant turns into a more fancy, almost tapas-like restaurant that sells delicious food and great cocktails. That means the place I work for attracts the snobbiest people that will make you slowly hate humanity the longer you work.

I'm thinking of finding a new field to work for, preferably something that would coincide with my hobbies and interests. Nothing really comes up that seems feasible without a college degree.


My question to everyone is: As comic book enthusiasts where do you guys work?

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The Batman cover looks really dull to me. The other two are kinda cool but nothing spectacular. I really liked the Uncanny X-Force cover this week.

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A waste of $3 for me. But wasn't that bad.

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@Silkcuts: Venoms are pretty cool. The others... bleh.

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I'm okay with January Jones coming back. I've been watching Mad Men and as the series went on January Jones' character really filled out. She can play a snobby brat pretty well. You can't really act out a character when you have like 4 lines.

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i hope they make these into posters.

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