Justice League Movie

 DC is trying to produce a Justice League movie to keep up with Marvel. Marvel is putting on a lot of pressure on DC comics to hurry and come out with a JLA movie to rival the Avengers movie. From the looks of it DC is rushing to release of it by hastening the release of the Flash movie and Green Lantern movie. I'm not even 100% positive that Batman would even be in the movie. Warner Brothers owns the rights to batman if I'm not mistaken. In order to come out with a Justice League movie they would have to have a Mtian Manhunter movie, a Green Aarow movie, and even an Aquaman movie. There are so many people and things that need to be introduced before DC can ever think of comeing out with a Justice League movie. It is a movie that is many years in the making. And when it "does" happen it will be the best superhero movie that has ever be made, if it's not rushed that is.