Favorite Star Wars Comics series

Some of my favorite Star Wars Comics series (will update from time to time)

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Posted by Technicolorville

Good list.I'm eventually going to read more Star Wars comics and complete my list. You should read Star Wars- Purge - The Hidden Blade it's a really good one shot. Good Story and excellent art. Also Star Wars: Empire 2002 was a really good Star Wars series.

Posted by Duo_forbidden

@Technicolorville: I updated my list more.

I couldn't get into The Rise of the Empire Era comics like Empire or Dark Times, mostly because of Darth Vader. I like a lot of his stories, but I feel like most of them were like the same story. The Hidden Blade was pretty good though. I do want to read Star Wars: The Lost Command.

Posted by Thezz

Great list! :)