Will Betty Brant die in Spider-Island?

It's too early to speculate, but I was reading the October solicitations, and Amazing Spider-Man #672 stated that big changes were on the way. Plus, in Venom #8, it stated that, "Flash Thompson suffered a terrible loss". This all comes back to Amazing Spider-Man #670, where in the summary it states,"a long time member of the Spidey cast has to make the ultimate sacrifice..."
October solicitations at here.

Could it be Betty Brant? I'm going to say no, just because of the recent issue of Spider-Man. Plus, the Venom #8 summary could just mean that Betty broke up with Flash. But what do you guys think?


I don't think so no. She's already in the refrigerator so their wouldn't be a point. 
I'd more imagine that she is going to be one of the many infected.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

It could be Betty especially because we just saw her in Amazing Spider-man when it has been a while since we seen her in that series

Posted by MatKrenz

I hope not. Just finished reading Venom #5 and I really don't want to destroy the relationship between Flash and her before it gets more interesting.
Posted by misterz173

Who knows what will happen? I'm just reading about Spider Island now, and I'm confused.