Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn: What do you think? (blog post)

At the end of Death of Spider-man, whether or not Peter lives or dies, one thing's for certain-The Ultimate Universe will change yet again. All this week, Marvel comics have been doing liveblogs about the upcoming new and returning titles and the aftermath of Death of Spider-man coming up later this year.

Brand New Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe

We've already seen a preview of the new Spider-man, however we don't know who is underneath the mask. All we know is that it's not Peter. Yesterday, Marvel announced some more information about the series. It is said that this new Spider-man will have new powers. Sara Pichelli will be the artist for the new Spider-man series But then there's Ultimate Comics: Fallout that deals in not only with the Death of Spider-man aftermath, but also the impact it has for the other heroes.

Ultimate Comics: Ultimates is another series that will feature some of the Ultimates or Ultimate Avengers characters, and some new characters. The only thing that's known about this series is this: "The Republic is Burning."

Ultimate X-men is making a comeback, with Nick Spencer (Morning Glories, Secret Avengers) as the writer, exploring the remaining mutants who are on the run. I've always wondered what happened to Storm and Colossus. And apparently because of what happens in Death of Spider-man, Bobby Drake and Johnny Storm will be part of the cast.

All of these comics are supposed to revive the Ultimate Universe, but is it too late? Marvel tried this already by renaming their titles Ultimate Comics two years ago. 

Personally after Ultimatum, The Ultimate Universe changed dramatically and it's something I still can't forgive Jeph Loeb for nearly destroying. Ultimatum was terrible. Granted, most titles were losing their spark before the event. Ultimate X-men for example. Right around Brian K. Vaughen and Robert Kirman's run with the series, Ultimate X-men was coming off mediocre at best. Things got worse after Ultimatum. It didn't help matters when Ultimate X, an interesting take on the aftermath, kept getting pushed back. With Ultimate X-men coming back (and most likely taking the place of Ultimate X), do we even care what happens to the mutants? In many ways you could see this series as a Ultimate version of Day of Future Past. Their fate was pretty much sealed with Ultimatum, but there are some unanswered questions like who was the woman Quicksilver was talking to at the end of Ultimatum? Some have speculated that it was Wanda aka Scarlet Witch.

However, there were some great series that came out of Ultimatum. Besides Ultimate Comics: Spider-man (now back to Ultimate Spider-man), Ultimate Armor Wars featuring Iron Man, was surprising good in my opinion. It definitely explored more of Tony Stark. Ultimate Thor explored more of Thor's origins. Ultimate Comics: Avengers, gave us a darker Avengers group that we don't see in the mainstream. Finally, Ultimate Comics: Enemy Trilogy, despite how long it was, gave us a chance to see the remaining superheroes stop Reed Richards, a hero turned villain. The aftermath added even more changes to the Ultimate Universe.

Of course, besides the relaunch of Ultimate Spider-man (Yes, unfortunately, Ultimate Spider-man will start at #1 instead of picking up at #161), the one title I'm looking forward to reading is Ultimate Hawkeye. Hawkeye has come a long way in the Ultimate Universe, shaping up to be a badass. If Thor got an miniseries, why not him?

Overall, what are your thoughts about Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn? Will you give the Ultimate Universe another chance? I wouldn't blame you if you don't.

For more information you can check out IGN's coverage on it, or Marvel.com.


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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Yea I will give it another chance but if I dont like what I see I prob wont stick around long

Posted by DEGRAAF

I liked Ultimate X (being the first Ultimate comic i ever picked up) but the push backs were to much for me. Im really interested in JEan and Logan's son but im not gonna wait every 6 months to pick up an new issue. Haweye is cool and i would love to see a solo for him
Posted by Jake Fury

I didn't read Ultimatum but I have read Ultimate Avengers Next Generation and Ultimate Avengers: Crime & Punishment by Millar. They were both very good. I'm liking the current Ultimate Spidey and Ultimates vs Ultimate Avengers series too.
Posted by texasdeathmatch

Gave up on the Ultimate world after Ultimates 3. Boy did shit get bad, real fast. I also loved how they killed off so many characters who still had untied issues and conflicts that were never resolved.

Posted by GundamHeavyarms

Hoo boy. Well, the only ultimate title I like is Ultimate spider-man.  I still don't think Peter is going to die, but if he does, he will most likely stay dead like Wolverine.  Perhaps the new spider-man will be that clone thing that Howard Stark made.  Ultimate spider-man is the only title that didnt really lose its spark, even after the disaster (pun intended) that was Ultimatum, just pointless deaths left and right.  Ultimate X-men and Fantastic Four were just like the show heroes, they started out good, got weird in the middle, and fizzled out in the end.  Hopefully this reboot of the Ultimate Universe will be the shot it needs to really stand out again, I'm going to be hopeful about this.  It might be okay.

Posted by Spiderslike

As a whole I love the concept of the Ultimate Universe but I feel like it's really just Mark Millar and Bendis baby and really Spider-Man is only Bendis baby but no one should mess wit Spider-Man really but him. Aside from that tho if Millar gets back most of his control over at least the important stories then I think maybe they will live. Although out of my own bias I wud love to see more from the guy who did Wolverine vs Hulk because despite the major delays the comic came out great lots of fights and lots of laughs 2 most important things to me

Posted by DH69

seriously hate the personalities of the ultimate universe, most of them are completely unlikable.

Posted by FortressoftheMoon

Loeb ultimately killed off just about all the interesting people so I don't know how the ultimate universe can be relaunched. I didn't like Ultimate X. There was nothing all oooh and awe about. I am curious about how Ultimate X-men is going to get relaunched when everyone except for what 6 people were killed off.
Posted by A_O_N

If Hickman is on this, it may be promising!

Posted by JediXMan

I think Ultimates 2 was the last good Ultimate story.

Posted by Duo_forbidden
@A_O_N:  Hickman and Nick Spencer being part of the new lineup does seem promising. All I can do is cross my fingers.
Posted by atdt

wow ..... great stuff ........ ultimate spiderman v1, v2 & v3 were cool .... like all ultimate series ........ marvel comics just rocks ........

Posted by Inverno

@DH69 said:

seriously hate the personalities of the ultimate universe, most of them are completely unlikable.

Spider-Man is the only nice guy in the Ultimate Universe. And now he is dead.